Dua Lipa surprises her followers again; she will be an actress in the movie ‘Barbie’

The 26-year-old British woman has undoubtedly become one of the most acclaimed female artists by the young public and that is because, by obtaining so much recognition and fame from such a young age, Dua Lipa faced bad comments on several occasions. of users on social networks, so much so that at a certain point in the beginning of his career he thought about retiring.

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“There were stages of doubt, of course, although it was a bit unfair for me… Social networks are governed by a toxic coin thrown in the air and that randomly chooses who you can have a good time with and at the expense of who you can laugh to please others. the others”, commented the singer for the British newspaper The Sun.

The truth is that now, the artist is going through a good professional moment, so much so that she was involved in a project where she will go from being a singer to an actress. Although it is not the first time that Dua Lipa will experience the world of acting, because she previously recorded ‘Argylle’, although it is a film that has not been released. This time, it may be a little different, as it will be part of a project that includes her childhood and that of many of her followers.

In this new project, Lipa will be accompanied by Margot Robbie, Simu Liu, Emma Mackey and Ryan Gosling; and is that the singer is now in the recordings of ‘Barbie’, the new movie of the famous doll. This feature film will be about the doll that will be expelled from ‘Barbie Land’ for not being as perfect as it is normally stereotyped.

However, it is the only thing that is known about the production for now, because until now its plot and script are completely secret.

As reported by The Sun newspaper, Dua will have to play a decisive role, since with this participation many comments are expected from critics and of course from her followers who want to see her on the big screen.

For now, what has also been known is that said film of the most famous doll in the world will be available for the summer of 2023, so, for now, those who longed to see this new role of the British will have to wait a bit. Although in the other production that is also part, it will be possible to see this 2022, but its exact date remains a mystery.

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Undoubtedly, these new chapters in the life of the interpreter of ‘New Rules’, will be able to help you increase your security in your work and in the new professional challenges that, in fact, is something that has already been talked about recently, ensuring that by Now he is not carried away by comments on social networks, something that did happen before.

“Now, if someone tells me something, it’s that they can’t even bother me”, commented the artist who has decided to enhance her security without letting anyone hurt her through a screen.

In addition, it is no secret to anyone that her musical successes and her important recognition in the fashion industry have helped the singer increase her self-esteem and stability in mental health.

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Dua Lipa surprises her followers again; she will be an actress in the movie ‘Barbie’

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