Dua Lipa, or the revenge of the badly dancing Dua Lipa meme

Since 2018, part of the Internet has been trolling Dua Lipa for her debut where she danced boof on stage, to the point that it became a meme. Since then, the singer has clearly progressed as evidenced by her new Future Nostalgia Tour.

It’s the story of a soft choreo by Dua Lipa that became a meme… that the singer resumed years later, marking her brilliant evolution.

The origin of the bad dancing Dua Lipa meme

It all started with the choreography she performed on stage during her performances of her hit one kissin 2018. She notably performs a movement of repetitive swaying with a certain softness, which immediately became a meme.

People have even gone so far as to reinterpret this famous choreographic sequence as a disguise:

Mocker, this meme made the singer question her performing skills. Because the bar remains high for female popstars: a large part of the general public expects to see them sing live without false notes while chaining complicated choreose.

“I love her lack of energy, go girl give us nothing”

Even at Brit Awards 2018, on another of his hits, New Ruleshis lack of stage energy earned him a YouTube comment (since deleted) which has also become a meme (which even has the right to its own media page Know Your Memea sort of encyclopedia on the subject of this important part of contemporary web culture):

The origin of the famous meme around Dua Lipa, "i love her lack of energy, go girl give us nothing!"

“I love his lack of energy, go ahead girl give us nothing at all!” »

But this famous comment, taken up almost everywhere on the Web, was the last straw that broke the camel’s back in questioning the young Dua Lipa. As she explained in his coverstory of Vanity Fair July-August 2021 USthe singer was greatly affected by this kind of criticism:

“It’s one thing for people to be mean to you, but you know you did your best. But it’s another thing when people are mean to you and you know you didn’t get a chance to be the best because you were too busy sprawling around trying to do it all at once. time. »

Dua Lipa’s transformation into a stage beast for the Future Nostalgia era

In effect, the singer is known to be a hell of a hard workeras this very well explains video from Popslay Music YouTuber. This, since the breakthrough of his first single New Love in 2015, followed by the long and exhausting exploitation of his eponymous debut album from 2017 to 2019, punctuated by numerous hits and collabs (including Blackpink, Calvin Harris, and Sean Paul).

So inevitably, she could sometimes seem unprepared and exhausted on stage, and this was particularly felt in certain dances. But for his second album, Future Nostalgia released in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, she has worked on her stage skills enormously, from charismatic space occupation to dancing.

And she had teased her 180° turn with her performance at the 2019 MTV EMAs, where her progress in dance surprised:

Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (Live at the MTV EMAs 2019)

Dua Lipa opens her Future Nostalgia Tour with a nod to her bad dancing meme

If the pandemic has delayed her concert opportunities, now Dua Lipa is finally starting her long-awaited Future Nostalgia Tour. For the kickoff in Miami on February 10, 2022, the singer obviously smashed everything on stage. And as a bonus, to delight his fans, take his revenge on his trolls, and come full circle from becoming an Internet meme, she dared to self-reference by taking up the famous controversial dance step :

Proof if it were necessary that Dua Lipa masters her image better and better, including with humor. I love her excess of energy, go girl give us EVERYTHING!

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Front page photo credit: Dua Lipa’s Instagram.

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Dua Lipa, or the revenge of the badly dancing Dua Lipa meme

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