Dua Lipa or Camilo, the first requests to the mayor of Valladolid for the next holidays – Valladolid Plural

Still assimilating the great concerts of the Fiestas de Valladolid this year, hundreds of people from Valladolid are already making their first requests to Mayor Óscar Puente to get ideas for the next editions. And it is that the luxury of Jason Derulo has opened the hopes of a great festival in the Plaza Mayor of the Valladolid capital with internationally recognized artists such as the American singer as a main course or the Swedish The Hives.

The Valladolid councilor, as if it were a suggestion box, has shared on his Twitter profile some of the most demanded singers, to which other messages with artists of the moment have been added. And it is that Óscar Puente himself has recognized this Monday in the final balance of the festivities that his purpose for next year’s concerts will be to bring “artists who are at that moment of pure news.” It must be remembered that this year, the City Council was subject to contracts signed, some of them from two years ago when the pandemic deprived them of massive events.

And it is that a few hours after the end of the Fair and Festival of the Virgin of San Lorenzo, the people of Valladolid have already begun to throw names and who knows if someone has found the key. Dua Lipa, Camilo, Bruno Mars, Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay or J Balvin are just some of the international artists that the Pucelano public dreams of seeing in the Plaza Mayor next year. But there are also other names from the national music scene that have come to the fore such as Rosalía, Lola Índigo, Leiva or Cepeda.

Rosalía’s request seems at first glance complicated by the high cache of the Catalan artist, since that controversy of 2019 is still being talked about when the mayor of Valladolid himself revealed that the price he had to bring the singer of ‘Despecha’ was 500,000 euros. Although the one who could be on the Fiestas poster next year is the former triumphant Cepeda, to whom Puente has already thrown the órdago publicly. «Cepeda, I would like him to come because among the Spanish artists of the moment he is a good name. We have to see if he is available ». Precisely, the councilor also alluded to the fact that one of the important reasons when selecting artists is “to agree on the issue of money” because, as he explains, “even the highest cache I already tell you that it is lower of what these artists charge when they go to other places ».

For all these reasons, Puente insists that the Valladolid City Council will try to close a Festival poster that is as attractive as possible and economical for the municipal coffers. “We will watch the fight as much as we can and we will try to bring the best program at the best possible price,” he assured. That yes, everyone is free to dream and if Jason Derulo promised Puente that he has to return “whatever” to Valladolid again, why not dream of artists like Dua Lipa or Coldplay by 2023 since in the words of the mayor , «they may cut off our gas, but they will never cut off Valladolid’s illusion».

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Dua Lipa or Camilo, the first requests to the mayor of Valladolid for the next holidays – Valladolid Plural

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