Dua Lipa in total teddy look

Dua Lipa She is one of the most fashionable artists in the industry. The singer is an inveterate fashion and enjoys experimenting with risky styles that don’t stop looking good, like the total teddy look in red that he used a few days ago.

Some fashions are forgotten, but there are others that remain popular such as furry trend that we saw invade the catwalks of autumn-winter 2021. Dua Lipa knows it and revives the garments with Teddya trend for those who do not want to go unnoticed.

Dust your coats, pants and tops with furry material, the singer of “Levitating” gives us a lecture on how a teddy look without being seen too muchbut that will make you stand out wherever you go.

(Photo: Instagram @dualipa)

Dua Lipa’s red plush outfit

Just when we thought that the fashion trend Teddy was going out, and we began to see outfits fresh for spring, Dua Lipa It reminds us why there is so much euphoria to include plush clothing in your closet.

The interpreter of “Don’t Start Now” is an icon of the fashion and the reference that yes or yes you should keep in mind when it comes to experimenting with trends to get out of the comfort zone. We at De Última give you all the details of your risky teddy look.

dua-lipa-look-teddy.jpeg (Photo: Instagram @dualipa)

Through his Instagram account, Dua Lipa shared a series of photographs where he showed his taste for teddy looks.

The singer He wore a mid-waisted jacket with red straight pants, an image that he accompanied with the message “soft 2 the touch” (soft to the touch).

dua-lipa-look-teddy-1.jpeg (Photo: Instagram @dualipa)

Softness to the touch is one of the advantages of teddy look. If you want to enjoy these textures, like Dua you can choose to wear them in a single color for the whole outfit and give it a monochromatic look or use them only in key pieces, such as your accessories.

To this total teddy look, Dua Lipa added a “shoulder” bag with two textures: the classic solid in black and a fun touch of plush in blue.

To balance the outfit, the singer chose to combine some black boots cowboy style.

dua-lipa-look-teddy-3.jpeg (Photo: Instagram @dualipa)

If it’s too much for you, you can wear a casual outfit and add a stuffed animal accessory, just like Dua Lipa he did it on his last birthday by combining a navy blue suit with a stuffed hat in vibrant colors.

dua-lipa-look-plush-4.jpeg (Photo: Instagram @dualipa)

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Other looks of Dua Lipa with accessories and stuffed clothes

Although in this total teddy look Dua Lipa He wore classic shoes, the reality is that on several occasions he has experimented with striking textures, such as the time he combined some White boots Eskimo type of Hello Kitty with a bikini.

dua-lipa-look-teddy-5.jpeg (Photo: Instagram @dualipa)

More recently, on her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she rocked tall black feathered boots and a plaid skirt that also had plush texture green on the sides.

dua-lipa-look-plush-7.jpeg (Photo: Instagram @dualipa)

Dua Lipa not only leads the trend of Teddy in his clothes, but also in accessories, just like he did with his iconic bucket hat with a plush and animal print finish that resembles the skin of a leopard.

dua-lipa-look-teddy-6.jpeg (Photo: Instagram @dualipa)

Lose the fear of wearing clothes Teddyalthough it is a trend that is not to everyone’s taste, it may be your best option if you are interested in starting to experiment with the most striking of the fashion.

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Dua Lipa in total teddy look

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