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Francella shows her thousand faces in “The Manager”, a series by Cohn and Duprat

Buenos Aires, Oct 13 (EFE).- The person in charge of a building knows everything: the entry and exit times of the neighbors, the visits they receive, their domestic problems and even their most shameful desires. Now, what would happen if the manager takes action and uses all that information against the tenants? This is the starting point of “El Encargado”, a series created by the Argentines Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat that will arrive on the Star + platform on October 26, with his compatriot Guillermo Francella as the protagonist, and where the tension and humor so characteristic of this duo of filmmakers. In an interview with EFE in Buenos Aires, Francella highlights that “there is a lot of confrontation with the owners” and “a lot of sarcasm, suspense and intrigue” in this series, something that was “very nice” to explore from the interpretive point of view. “When you have (good) texts, when there is a good drama behind it, when you feel supported by a script, it’s wonderful for the actor. It’s what we always dream of,” says the interpreter. A DARK MANAGER On this occasion, Francella puts herself in the shoes of Eliseo, in charge of a wealthy building in Buenos Aires for more than 30 years: affable, polite and helpful to the neighbors, in private he shows his most cynical and manipulative side. to get away with it. Composed of 11 30-minute episodes, the series begins when the president of the consortium, Matías Zambrano (Gabriel Goity), raises the possibility of installing a swimming pool on the terrace of the building, which would force the house of the person in charge to be demolished and dispensing with of your services. “In the face of adversity, he is someone difficult to face, because he is a very intelligent person. He is very powerful and it is not easy to take him ahead,” Francella says about his character, that as soon as he discovers these plans he will pull his strings to avoid eviction, without worry about the ethics of their actions. Cohn and Duprat acknowledge that they had been working for several years on a fiction around the figure of the manager in Argentina, which “is very different from that of other countries.” “We collected a lot of information from friends and acquaintances regarding experiences with managers and we saw that there was a very rich world to build a character of great complexity and contradiction, such as the one Francella does,” Duprat assures EFE. RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PLATFORMS Authors of feature films such as “The Illustrious Citizen”, “My Masterpiece” or “Official Competition”, Cohn and Duprat certify with “El Encargado” their commitment to the new streaming platforms, to the point that next year they will premiere “Nada”, a series starring Luis Brandoni and Robert de Niro, on Star +. In any case, Cohn affirms that the “rigor, the demand and the passion” of his productions are exactly the same as before, since “the feeling and the desire to film exceed any type of volume”. “We always did things very thoroughly and thinking that it was the best possible without leaving anything in the inkwell and, at the same time, as a driving force thinking that what we did provided a new point of view from the narrative, the aesthetic and the conceptual” Duprat points out, adding that they are “a bit ‘outsiders'” of the “directors’ guild”, coming from the visual arts and experimental cinema. That interest in working with digital platforms is shared by Francella, for whom they should “coexist” with traditional cinema and television. “I like the possibility that the films are released in theaters and, after a window of six weeks, go to streaming to the whole world, but that they be released in theaters first. That they can commune both worlds seems to me that would be ideal,” says Francella, who this year premiered the film “Hail” on Netflix. CAREERS ON THE RISE With more than 60 series and movies behind her, Francella feels that she is at a moment of “fullness” in her acting career: in January she will launch “Married with Children” in theater, a revision of the popular television comedy , and in April he will premiere a ‘thriller’ with Martino Zaidelis, called “The Collaborator”. “Comedy was an anecdote. It is the genre that I love the most, but I wanted to explore other universes. For me it was a search, I trusted, they trusted, and great successes can be made with content that is not comedy,” underlines one of the most recognized Argentine actors. That success is also being experienced by Cohn and Duprat, who “towards the end of next year” will record a feature film in the United States with “a figure” of which, for now, they have not offered further details. Javier Castro Bugarin (c) Agencia EFE

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Dua Lipa has the ideal boots to keep your feet warm

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