Dua Lipa dazzles with elegance in a beaded embroidered tailored suit and lace bralette

The British always dresses with a lot of style, and today through her social networks she dazzled with elegance when wearing a tailored suit embroidered with rhinestones, a set that she combined with a lace bralette, a new way of looking formal, but without stopping highlighting your charms.

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Dua Lipa always looks like a queen with what she wears, but this time she certainly wore an ideal outfit if you want to take a break from the dress for a formal event. The singer He published a series of photographs in which he wears a black tailored suit embroidered with rhinestones.

Rhinestones that were transparent and royal blue. This set included a long jacket and pants at the waist, but without a doubt what elevated this outfit was that Dua Lipa she wore a black lace bralette instead of wearing a dress blouse as would commonly be done.

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Obviously the accessories could not be missing, so she added some large turquoise earrings and different silver rings on her fingers. His hair was worn loose and wavy, while his make-up included blue shadows and nude lips, always choose a natural makeup.

Another of the things that always characterizes Dua Lipa’s photographs is that she turns photography sets into clichés, as in this series of images who is posing on an instrument case and is illuminated by the stage lights in the background.

I love that she always shares with her followers each one of the outfits she wears, although without a doubt this business suit raised the bar, not only because it makes her look elegant and highlights her charms, the rhinestone details look perfect with the bralette she wore.

So far they are only news that the model has shared on her social networks, but surely in the course of days she will surprise us with more ideas to wear, this and her leotard with openings that she wore a few days ago, have been my favorite garments.

Both ideal for this spring. We will be attentive to anything you share, we love learning to combine certain garments from an expert like Dua Lipa, since she always adds her touch to each outfit, for example in this case it was the blue earrings.

Hopefully soon it will also reveal details of their work projects, we are already anxious to know if there will be new collaborations with other artists, all their singles have been a boom, so it can’t look bad for us, much less for their fans.

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Dua Lipa dazzles with elegance in a beaded embroidered tailored suit and lace bralette

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