Dua Lipa confirms it, showing underwear is back

Well they say that the trends they return every 20 years, which we can see if we take a look at current trends and compare them with what we saw in the fruitful period of the 2000s in magazines and catwalks. Since the end of 2020, the announcement that the y2k fashion o dosmilera was back began to sound loud, and little by little it was introduced into the panorama, being carried by various personalities who decided to carry risky outfitsas it has done on several occasions Dua Lipawearing outfits with the visible underweargiving the final notice that this style is back to stay.

As one of the main references that “the problem of the year 2000” is back, the British interpreter demonstrated once again that she is not afraid to try eccentric combinations but, on the contrary, knows that she will be able to make it an object of desire for her millions. of followers around the world. In De Última we show you some photographs of Dua Lipa that prove that fever to teach the underwear is trending again.

The most controversial trend of the 2000s revived and Dua Lipa proves it

If we know anything about Dua Lipais that she is a person who is constantly guided by her intuition, either to choose the direction her projects will take or what will be the new style that will make her conquer the world.

Therefore we are not surprised that Dua quickly become a source of inspiration for those who want to venture into the 2000s fashionwhich was so hated by some 20 years ago because of its risky combinations.

Fortunately, for the singer this is not a problem, because she knows perfectly the best tricks to take advantage of these outfits and make them look fabulous.

The irrefutable proof has been the various outfits in which he has discreetly revealed his underwearwhether it’s her panties through a low hip pant, or a set of lingerie superimposed.

Photo: Instagram @dualipa

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The trend of leaving underwear visible is back

In one of his traditional photo dumps, Dua Lipa He shared a series of images, among which he highlighted a photograph where he is wearing a colorful basic outfit with an explosion of style by showing off his panties.

The outfits With which the artist, who recently launched her own newsletter, triumphed, it consisted of a pair of faded low-rise jeans, a yellow shirt with details on the chest, sandals and a bag in a more fluorescent tone. Despite its conspicuous lookattention was focused on the vibrant blue lace panties that were seen protruding from the pants, exposing part of her abdomen and hips.

This is not the first time that the interpreter of New Rules exposes her underwear, because in one of the presentations of her world tour, she wore panties outside as if they were shorts.

Other nods to the nostalgic 2000s fashion in it Dua Lipa’s style What we have been able to witness are the braids in the front of her hair, the baguette bags, the colorful belts and the jewelry full of diamonds to match her manicure.

Photo: Instagram @dualipa

The reactions have not been long in coming, and in his feed of Instagram, where she has more than 82 million followers, she has been baptized by some fans as the “new Y2K queen”. Although it is a trend that could continue to seem too risky, the truth is that the secret to looking like an expert is the security with which these types of combinations are worn, something that sometimes Dua he has plenty

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Dua Lipa confirms it, showing underwear is back

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