Dua Lipa and the daring look of jeans at the hip and visible thong

Six years after formally starting his career, Dua Lipa continues to reap success, currently being one of the most successful singers worldwide, filling impressive venues and breaking records on streaming platforms. Achievements to which are added her collaborations as a model for the most prestigious brands, who rely on the influence that the British woman has as a fashion icon, whether wearing exclusive designs or taking up controversial styles, such as the trend leaving visible the underwear.

This trend that swept through the years 2000unquestionably marked an entire generation thanks to personalities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears daring to wear the lingerie thus. Now it is the interpreter of “Break My Heart” who has been in charge of demonstrating that the risky style of that time came back to stay, and if you still have doubts about it, in Last we show you the look by Dua Lipa which confirms it.

Dua Lipa and her love for the 2000s

Since the release of his first album in 2017, Dua Lipa She has not been out of the limelight for a single moment thanks to her dazzling talent and stunning beauty that quickly established her as a star of international fame. At the same time, it became clear style own that the singer had, attracting the attention of the industry and becoming a benchmark for millions of viewers who found in her a source of inspiration to dare to renew their image.

During this time, we have been able to witness how Dua has evolved, and with it, outfits that define its essence on and off stage. Among these changes, some of the trends and favorite elements of the interpreter, such as pink, rhinestones, glitter, textures, denim, wide pants, crop tops, asymmetrical cuts and mini garments, which make up a part of what we know What Y2K fashion.

This term refers to style predominant of the 2000time for which Dua Lipa has a certain hobby that he transmits through his outfits and styling, being the effect of show underwear one of the essential elements in its most recent outfitswhere he checks that it can even be used as an accessory.

Instagram @dualipa

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It’s a fact, wearing the thong “outside” is today and Dua Lipa teaches us how to do it

With the rise of technology, the emergence of new platforms and the nostalgia of those years, the style that characterized the 2000s was reintroduced among the younger generations driven by influencers, models and artists who demonstrate the many ways to look like a “girl of the 2000”.

Dua Lipa She was one of the first to declare herself a fan of this fashionwearing various outfits with clear nods to aesthetics Y2K. With baguette bags, outfits in pastel tones, fake fur garments, hip jeans and tube tops, Lipa she welcomed the two-thousander look that all girls of that era were dying to wear.

Finally, he decided to bet on daring to leave the visible underwear in some of his outfitsan trend that caused controversy at that time, and that today does not finish convincing at all. Nevertheless, Dua Lipa shows that security is a key aspect for this and any other style.

Hours before the concert she offered last Sunday in Glasgow, United Kingdom, the singer shared through stories how she was preparing for the presentation, noting the comfortable clothing with which she refined the last details of the night, wearing a outfits who reiterated why she is the current queen of Y2K.

The outfit in question consisted of an oversized navy blue knitted sweater with balloon sleeves, which she combined with a pair of baggy jeans, a cut that is characterized by being wide-cut, straight-fitting and low-hip, which exposed her underwear; a thong royal blue Brazilian type that protruded from his pants, reaffirming that wearing the “outside” thong is one of his trends favorites, and she doesn’t hesitate to take advantage of every opportunity to show it off, whether it’s in mini, lace or beaded lingerie.

Lastly, he supplemented his look With a red cap from the New York Yankees, paste rings, beaded bracelets and a wine clutch that gave the final touch to the outfit with which she endured the Glasgow weather without neglecting the sensuality that she captured in this mirror selfie .

Photo: Instagram @dualipa

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Dua Lipa and the daring look of jeans at the hip and visible thong

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