Dove Cameron reveals her history with depression and dysphoria


The Disney star said he was going through a conflict with his identity that affected all aspects of his life. This is how he explained to his followers how he saw criticism from haters.

Dove Cameron at the 2022 Met Gala.©GettyDove Cameron at the 2022 Met Gala.

In social networks it is common to find the so-called ‘hateful’. Since anonymity, various Internet users give their opinion with impunity on celebrities. And each time there is an event, it multiplies. So it happened with Dove Cameronthe star of disney who participated for the first time in met gala and which received a cataract of praise, but also of criticism. Despite the fact that she seems very confident in front of the cameras, the truth is that the actress has a hard life story.

Her obvious beauty and imposing style made her not only a young hollywood talentbut also in a fashion icon with experience on the red carpets. But while viewers appreciate each of her looks, in reality, Dove Cameron goes through a very complex process: the depression associated with dysphoria. What does mean? A constant feeling of discomfort with your identify.

That’s what the actress said Descendants on your verified Instagram profile. In a lengthy post, in which he included images crying in front of the mirror, he told his followers what his diagnosis was if it was mental health. ” The “me” is someone I have always known deeply, someone I love and protect like my own child. I know that and we are very close. But for me, Identity and self have always been diametrically opposed and there’s only been room for one at a time to occupy my lifeCameron began by saying.

The celebrity went on to detail, “I’ve never been able to get them to hold hands and I’m realizing that as I get older. That is why I have a deep conviction that who I am is wrong. I don’t have the right to be who I am, I’m not meant to be here. I feel like I have to be something else if I want to be allowed to be here and I really want to be here with you.”. And I add: Most of the time I am not drawn to any identity, I feel more natural as something imperceptible to me, an energy and a presence.”.

After detailing in depth what depression and dysphoria are, which affect every aspect of his life, he insisted:The only thing I’m very clear about is that I’m interested in a life free from myself. I’m beginning to hope that the public platform on which I’ve struggled to learn to occupy a space as myself, may in fact be the conduit for change, mutual support, exploration and Security.”. And he concluded:Perhaps the least human spaces can become the most human if we so choose. I love them”.

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Dove Cameron reveals her history with depression and dysphoria

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