Doom Patrol (Season 2), along the yellow brick road

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Doom Patrol
(Season 2)
by Jeremy Carver
Drama, Fantasy, Action
With Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Joivan Wade
Released on DVD March 17, 2021

Doom Patrol Season 2 along the yellow brick road

After a first season full of surreal twists and turns, the Doom Patrol is back for even more phenomenal new adventures!

And the least we can say is that this new series of nine episodes is even bolder than the previous one. We’d even go so far as to say even more approachable too, though it’s hard to say what that’s for: are we used to this universe now to the point of being more receptive to it, or is the plot- more accessible?

Anyway, this second season is really excellent and contains all the ingredients to surpass the first. Above all, we will appreciate the greater presence of Timothy Dalton in the casting. The cynical scientist of the previous season will give way here to the parent, and we will discover a new facet of Dr. Niles Caulder.

Father of a little girl with powers capable of destroying the world, the Chief will do everything to protect her, while Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, Crazy Jane and Cyborg will continue to fight against their own demons.

But where the first fifteen episodes put these protagonists in the presence of their past, this new season will mainly see them evolve in their relationship to others. Thus, Robotman (Brendan Fraser) and Negative Man (Matt Bomer) will be led to see their families again, seeking to assume their role as fathers, while Cyborg (Joivan Wade) will seek to find love despite his scars. For their part, Elasti-Girl (April Bowlby) and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) will seek to reconnect with themselves: Elasti-Girl by reconnecting with the theater and seeking to master her powers, Crazy Jane by seeking to reconcile her multiple personalities.

But this second season will nevertheless manage to quickly enter the heart of the matter, where the previous one had to take the time to fully install its characters and its plot.

Behind these issues showing how difficult it is for these “misfits” to lead a normal life in the company of their families, we will see above all how much they need each other, creating a surrogate family despite their differences. .

This will mainly appear in the fourth episode of the series, a wonderful metaphor for difference and human relationships. This episode is probably the pinnacle of this second season while summing up in itself the spirit Doom Patrol. We will thus find in turn the different characters populating this universe, as well as a nice musical passage recalling The Wizard of Oz – the Chef’s daughter, the central character of this season 2, is not called Dorothy for nothing!

But we will see above all the SeX Men, a sort of secret police intervening in the face of paranormal sexual situations. These Ghostbusters of Sex will be one of the most hilarious passages of this fourth episode and of the entire season.

This episode – like episode 3 – shows how the series can use surrealism and be daring while remaining easy to access!

In summary, this second season of Doom Patrol turns out to be slightly more accessible than the first, while remaining just as entertaining and surreal. We will appreciate the originality of the scenario, the subtlety of the humor and the entry into the scene of various colorful antagonists such as Dr. Tyme, Red Jack or the Dark Mr. Evans. Whether you like Comic Books or not, this series ultimately turns out to be one of the most refreshing there is, with its solid cast, its convoluted plots, its human themes and its unexpected shift.

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Doom Patrol (Season 2), along the yellow brick road

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