Domingo x Sita: An eventful NFT collection between two icons revisiting the codes of art


Domingo x Sita: An eventful NFT collection between two icons revisiting the codes of art

World-renowned Spanish artist Domingo Zapata teams up with multi-faceted fashion icon Sita Abellan for a unique collection of 8,888 NFTs.

An NFT collection revisiting the codes of art

The world of NFT (Non Fungible Token) and that of art are two intimately linked universes. And for good reason, new technologies allow artists to digitally “sign” their works, thus making them authenticated and traceable. The NFTs, here digital objects, then benefit from a digital certificate, allowing them to be exchanged, valued and attributed to a single and unique owner.

This immense playing field, hitherto quite limited (by the nature of the Internet, making digital works easily copied and falsified) now inspires renowned artists. All artistic creations can then be secured through a digital network (or blockchain in English).

Domingo Zapata, a Hispano-American artist known worldwide and recognized for his neo-expressionist style, is used to challenges and challenges. After having conquered the world – and in particular stars like Leonardo DiCaprio or Goldman Sachs – one of the artist’s works was propelled to the forefront of art and discussions of enthusiasts, with his work ” Mona Lisa Bullfighter“, a bullfighter Mona Lisa, which was sold at auction by the famous house Sotheby’s for more than a million dollars. The artist was also responsible for the largest mural ever created for a children’s hospital, for the Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York. The so-called “Andy Warhol” of his generation joins forces here with Sita Abellan, a true fashion icon but also a stylist and DJ, on a series of 8.888 NFTs.

This collection, highlighting the emblematic pandas, will be composed of 50 pieces specially designed by Sita, who has already collaborated with big names in fashion such as Fendi or Nike, adding its touch and originality. Sita has already invited several of her friends and circle of inspirations, including J Balvin, Anitta and Kim Kardashian to join the adventure, by imagining their own custom pandas.

Domingo is an artist I have admired for many years, someone who pushes boundaries and moves between the traditional and the avant-garde, as well as a fellow Spaniard. It’s my first experience in the metaverse, but it was great for me, bringing my real-world skills of styling into the digital realm. I’m excited to do more in this area, because I feel like I’m pushing the boundaries, which is always part of my artistic approach. »

– Sita Abellan.

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Domingo Zapata and Sita Abellan will thus begin in the fascinating world of the Metaverse with a series of iconic Pandas, under the know-how of Tiago Scaff, 3D artist with an ambitious portfolio, associating the world of fashion and art with that of Web3 . Magic of the digital world: each work can come alive and come to life, leaving a unique mark on the owners of these pieces. For this, a roadmap has been cleverly developed, thus suggesting a project as ambitious as it is complete: access to exclusive pieces, major events and much more, Domingo x Sita is this project that combines fashion, art and metaverse. , imagined by its icons.

Photo credits: ©Domingo x Sita

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Domingo x Sita: An eventful NFT collection between two icons revisiting the codes of art

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