Doja Cat: From the TikTok app to Hollywood

The virality of his title “Say So”, picked up by millions of users of the TikTok application, led Doja Cat straight to success. The career of the American rapper is the typical example of a 21st century success story.

Doja Cat – Say So (Official Video)

The famous Sheats Goldstein House designed by architect John Lautner, hidden in the lush hills of Hollywood, is the dream of many artists. From Nicolas Godin and Xavier Veilhan to the Coen brothers – we see him in particular in the feature film The Big Lebowksi (1998) – the house with a wooded roof that blends into the canopy and overlooks the valley is the star of many albums but, above all, the centerpiece of several clips, including that of a certain Doja Cat.

A sepia filter, a colorful striped crochet knitted dress, sparkly hoop earrings. With a blow-dry straight out of the 70s, Doja Cat – Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini of her real name – sways in front of a breathtaking view of Los Angeles. But before reaching the top of Hollywood, the rapper boldly and cleverly followed the boulevard traced by TikTok.

It’s no longer a secret : the Chinese application TikTok has become the most formidable ally of the success of artists. Allowing users to film themselves to music of their choice for 10 seconds, the app can make a track go viral almost instantly – Roddy Ricch owes it its number 1 spot in the US, while Doja Cat saw his track Say So be picked up by over 16 million TikTok followers. It goes even further: user Yodelling Haley, who initiated viral choreography on the single, can be spotted in the rapper’s music video.

Doja Cat – Juicy | A COLORS SHOW

Singer and accomplished businesswoman, Doja Cat seems to have all the ingredients for success in the 21st century. Before becoming a social media star, the rapper made a stopover in March 2019 on the YouTube channel COLORS, which no artist seems to escape. Candy pink background, matching her bra as well as her heart-shaped glasses and her choker with the inscription “DADDY”, Doja Cat has also not forgotten to take care of her image until at the end of her varnished fingernails.

After dropping out of high school, the singer begins to record songs to post them on SoundCloud. His first single, So High, was released in 2013 on the platform, before having a single release after Doja Cat signed with her first record label. A year later, she played her first concert on French soil at the Gaîté Lyrique. However, it was not until August 2018 that success came, with the title Mooo!, produced a less than a day where the singer pretends to be a cow. Against all odds, the video goes viral, too.

Doja Cat – “Mooo!” (Official Video)

Since the beginning of his self-taught career, Doja Cat released an EP, then two albums. Even more recently, she unveiled the single Boss Bitchextract from the soundtrack of the film Birds of Prey, which follows comic book heroine Harley Quinn’s journey to emancipation. A strange resemblance to the uninhibited and almost feminist journey of Doja Cat…

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Doja Cat: From the TikTok app to Hollywood

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