Doja Cat donates $100,000 to bring justice to Breonna Taylor

The past few weeks have not been easy for Doja Cat. After the controversies aimed at racist remarks in an old video, the interpreter of Say So decides today to give for the family of Breonna Taylor.

In line with the donations for the victims of police violence (Drake and The Weeknd, Kanye West, Floyd Maywether…), the singer Doja Cat has donated 100,000 dollars for the fund dedicated to the financing of the defense of Breonna Taylor. This young black woman is passed away on March 16, 2020, when the police broke into his home with an erroneous search warrant. This mandate indeed concerned an individual who no longer lived in this building. It was in her home that the young woman was shot after being shot 8 times by police officers. She was a paramedic and was a major support during the health crisis. Faced with such injustice, the latter’s family mobilized to sue the Louisville police and demand the truth. Why did they enter the young woman’s home? Why have you riddled it with bullets? Additionally, it was reported that the wanted suspect was arrested earlier in the evening. A nebula which has not yet led to any charges and which will probably require years of legal battle.

Police blunder: a black American paramedic shot dead at home

An echo of racial injustice

The latest events following the death of George Floyd have brought to light racial injustice and police excesses. In the midst of a protest movement, these 2 cases linked to violent behavior by the police are particularly resonant and give a new voice to the families of the victims. In this context, the protests continue with thousands of Americans in the street, but not only since the protest movements are multiplying all over the world. And while Breonna Taylor would have celebrated her 27th birthday this Monday, June 8, Doja Cat pays tribute to her and delivers a moving message asking her followers to participate in the collection set up by Bianca Austin (Breonna’s aunt), which has already raised more than 5.3 million dollars in 5 days. She invites her fans to give “what they can” on the GoFundMe platform page created for Breonna’s family in their search for the truth before the Kentucky authorities, and to sign the petition “Justice for Breonna” available on which brings together more than 5.6 million signatories.

The Doja Cat controversy

This BA comes a few weeks after the accusations of racism against the singer. As a reminder, she would have made racist remarks in old chat room videos. Additionally, she titled one of her 2015 tracks Dindu Niffuna derogatory expression towards people of color and to top it off, in a recent TikTok video, she calls Beyoncé “Beyonkey, contraction of Beyoncé and monkey (to designate a monkey in English). She then realized her mea culpa on Instagram by apologizing to all the people she had offended and thanking her fans for their unconditional support. So this donation, a real good deed or a marketing coup with the aim of making people forget the controversies and various clashes that have made Doja Cat news in recent weeks?

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Doja Cat donates $100,000 to bring justice to Breonna Taylor

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