Does Kendall Jenner have botox on her lips?

For some time, Kendall Jenner was considered the only one of the clan with a ‘natural’ beauty, so to speak. The model boasted that she had not undergone any cosmetic surgery, breaking away from the super curvy and voluminous body stereotype imposed by the rest of her sisters. Nevertheless, In recent months, the top model has taken the internet by storm by copying her sister Kylie’s favorite beauty trend: XXL Lips.

Kendall Jenner lips

In her latest appearances, the model has worn very full lips, similar to those of her sister, which is why she has been accused of having infiltrated botox in her lips to increase their volume, joining the ‘Juicy Lips’ trend that both have defended the members of their clan. At that time, ‘Kenny’, as her closest friends and relatives call her, did not deny or confirm the rumors that accused her of having injected her lips, hoping that with the passing of days her followers would forget about this new.


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However, gossip has recently intensified due to a video posted by her sister Kylie Jenner on her Twitter account. TikTok. In the video you can see the sisters recording themselves in ‘selfie’ mode while singing the notes of the song ‘Save Your Tears’, performed by The Weeknd and Ariana Grande. Although the intention was to show how much he likes this song, the truth is that It has been the model’s prominent lips that have stolen the limelight in this clip, since a large number of people have claimed that Kendall Jenner is no longer the most natural of the sisters, writing comments like: “Remember when she was such a fan of never having surgery?

Several people have even claimed that Kendall’s lips are much larger than those of Kylie Jenner, who had no other choice but to publicly confirm that she has injected Botox, denying the Kylie of the past who claimed that the volume of her lips was achieved with her makeup ‘lip kit’ by outlining the natural edges of the mouth to increase thickness.

At the moment, the video has more than 1.7 million “likes” and more than 6,200 comments, among which the following stand out: Her lips are even bigger than Kylie’s now! “She looked so much better with her original lips,” “Her and Kim’s lips distracted me the entire last chapter of her series. The procedure is wrong. They look bad”, “Disappointed that you are no longer the only natural of your sisters.”

However, despite the barrage of criticism that the super model, some of her fans have defended her by indicating that Kendall also follows Kylie’s advice and has learned to create the optical illusion of full lips with the help of makeup. Likewise, another fan indicated: “It’s an Instagram filter that makes your lips look bigger and more like a ‘Bratz’ doll, that’s all”, defending the model.

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Does Kendall Jenner have botox on her lips?

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