Divine Camila Cabello puts a Latin stamp on pink elegance in skirt and crop top

Modern, bold, full of energy and with all the talent in the world, Camila Hair is having a spectacular time at the moment since he has joined the program of The Voice in the United Stateswhich is this country’s version of La Voz, as we know it in Mexico and Latin America.

He has not hesitated to put a Latin stamp on his participation and in addition to being able to verify his incredible capacity as an artist thanks to his role in the reality-style program, he has also been in charge of dazzling with a very beautiful and jovial wardrobe that stands out with charm and femininity.

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Skirt and crop top

She takes advantage of the elegance of the checkered fabric contrasting pink and black, most glamorous and chic, in an outfit in addition to pencil skirt and corset crop top; she is more beautiful than ever and the image of her is as feminine as dreamy as coquettish.

It does not teach too much, but balances the perfect touch between being daring with modesty and it is thanks to some garments, from the Area brand, that fit perfectlyshow off their curvaceous figure and focus on romantic details, both because of the color they have and because of the bow-shaped ornaments with gemstone inlays that we find on the front of both the skirt and the top.

Likewise, the top has delicate straps, while the skirt is high-waisted, covering part of her torso to look elegant and chic, with class and very jovial. Combine with high open sandals, also in pink, and a very beautiful handbag.

Her hair is semi-tied up with volume, in pure seventies style with a chic and bohemian air, as well as simple makeup to highlight her features without overloading, in pink tones to combine delicately.


The fabric pattern and design echo in another dreamy outfit we saw her wear on her late-night guest appearance, ‘The Tonight Show‘, where, in an outfit similar to the previous one, she looked triumphant and really beautiful.

In this case, instead of being foul and top, the checkered fabric in black and pink forms a mini-dress with a matching corset-style top, with brilliant rhinestones and a wide, pleated fall, very much in the preppy style that makes her look so beautiful.

Wear some shoes platforms in pinkthe footwear without a doubt of the moment, and it conquers taking advantage of the fashionable pink too, but with its elegant twist, contrasting with such a regal black color but also with a flirtatious and youthful garment.

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Divine Camila Cabello puts a Latin stamp on pink elegance in skirt and crop top

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