Diario Extra – Hurricane concerts in Costa Rica

Despite the heavy rains in Costa Rica, this weekend international concerts are the order of the day, it rains a lot. Reviewing the offer for this Saturday and Sunday that, apparently, will be passed through water.


Jessi Uribe, the Colombian singer, will undoubtedly be the highlight of this weekend with her great show at the National Stadium in La Sabana, where she will perform all her hits, such as “Sweet sin”, “If you see me crying” and, of course, Of course, “Matemos las gana”, the latter being super-fast on national radio stations.
Uribe, by the way, gave an interview to DIARIO EXTRA in which he invited the Ticos to sing on the day of the show.
“There will be a lot of people, and well, I think we are all going to sing and enjoy ourselves. We hope that those who are going to dance and sing will also have a good time, because my show is very versatile. I do everything! We have a very well put together show”, he expressed to this medium. He also sent a message to his countrymen in Costa Rica:” I send a greeting to all of you. I have always said that they are warriors for having left the country. Leaving one’s country to fulfill one’s dreams is not easy. They are warriors and I will be greeting them, I will take them a little piece of our Colombian land”.


The popular Costa Rican artist based in Mexico, Martín Valverde is in the news, as he will sing all his hits tonight at the Palacio de los Deportes in Heredia with his show “4.0 A path made song”. The show is first class like the ones the singer-songwriter usually gives whenever he visits Costa Rica. The activity is at 7 pm


After the worst years of the pandemic, a long-awaited roots festival will bring the world’s reggae to Costa Rica. Lovers of this musical rhythm have an appointment this afternoon-night at an important concert center in Curridabat, for the Todo Roots Reggae Festival.
Roots lovers will be able to enjoy more than 9 hours full of Jamaican Roots, in Spanish, Caliroots, European and national. On this occasion, only 2,000 people will enjoy the most exclusive and unique reggae festival in the country with acts from Italy, Jamaica, Chile, Mexico and the United States. The event will feature headliner Alborosie singing with his band Shengen Clan. The Italian artist is known for his famous songs such as “Kingston Town”, “Herbalist” and “Still Blazing”. Jamaican artist Fantan Mojah will also take the stage alongside the High Symbol Band. Fans will be able to listen to his biggest hits like “Rasta Got Soul” and “Stronger”. Another that will delight fans will be Chilean Quique Neira, former Gondwana vocalist who will play reggae hits in Spanish with his new band such as “Verde, Amarillo y Rojo”, “Happiness”, “Sentimiento Original”, “Guerra” , “A Little Bit of You”, “Good Things” and “Harmony of Love”, among many others. Additionally, there will be presentations by other international artists such as the Mexican Jah Fabio, the American Jah Sun with his band the Rising Tide and from Jamaica the singer of Blessings, Etana.


This Friday, at the facilities of the Melico Salazar Popular Theater, the great show of the Spanish Ismael Serrano took place, who had not come for several years and presented his album “Seremos”.
It should be remembered that the Spanish belongs to a class of artists in danger of extinction, that due to their quality are no longer seen and of which there is no replacement, at the level of exponents such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Silvio Rodríguez and Luis Eduardo Aute, among few others.
Songs like “Now that I find you”, “Impossible loves”, “Lately”, “I am not”, “Papa tell me again”, “If the noise would shut up”, as well as many more in his extensive repertoire.
“We have had to live through very difficult times. Now we go on tour very excited, because it means celebrating the reunion with an audience that always accompanies you and returning to places where one has been happy, as is the case of Costa Rica, which is a country that has always been generous with me”, he stated. upon arrival in the country to DIARIO EXTRA.


While this end burns, Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, artistically known as Daddy Yankee, is already appearing, who will be in his farewell shows on Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23 at the facilities of the National Stadium in La Sabana, between both shows they expect more than 50 thousand people, all to say goodbye to this great artist. Read more in the coming days for the importance of these shows.

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Diario Extra – Hurricane concerts in Costa Rica

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