“Devilish racism”: Justin Bieber lamented, during a concert in Buffalo, the massacre that occurred in that city

Forceful and acclaimed, that’s how he was speech given by Canadian singer Justin Bieber at the opening of a concert offered last Saturday night in the city of Buffalo, New York Statethe same one that, hours before, had been the scene of an unfortunate event that mourns the United States, and that consisted of a shooting, perpetrated by an 18-year-old boy, which left at least 10 people dead.

While the local authorities confirmed that the massacre would have been motivated by a case of ‘racial hatred’, the Canadian singer referred to racism during the opening of his concert, lamenting what happened, and sentencing the (racial) motivations, as a diabolical act.

In a video, shared by the same artist, you can see the moment when, as the opening of the concert, part of his ‘Justice’ tour, the singer laments the division that currently reigns in the world, noting that the world situation is marked by a growing injustice, which inspired him to want to name his tour as a tribute to what it takes.

The artist affirmed that in the world there is a great “racial injustice”, affirming that “you and I know that racism is evil and diabolical”, a situation in which he proposed to his public the proposal to take action to prevent and combat it.

“You and I can make a difference,” said the singer, calling for people to address this issue in domestic and nearby spaces, taking the opportunity to reiterate the importance of social justice.

After that pronouncement, and on a packed stage, despite the fear stemming from the massacre, which had as fatal victims 10 people, most of them members of the Afro communitiesthe public applauded the singer for his words and for the timely invitation to be agents of change in the midst of the troubled and violent world.

“We continue to be allies, to continue the conversation,” said the singer, reiterating the importance of establishing scenarios of dialogue and tolerance in the different scenarios of life such as family, school, friends, among others.

Bieber’s special moment, and his particular message They were replicated by the same artist through his social networks, under a message that says “racism will not prevail, God does”, in a message that was also applauded and recognized by the singer’s millions of followers on social platforms.

We stand with you Buffalo, and we stand against acts of racism and terrorism”, Bieber sentenced in his publication.

Regarding the particular fact of what happened on Saturday in Buffalo, the artist was very affected, recalling, in another message, that people close to him, and also belonging to the Afro population, were in the sector at the time of the massacre.

Why is there so much hate?, pointed out the artist, who stated that this was just one of the many acts of hate that mark the sad daily life of the United States.

About the author of the Buffalo massacre, it was known that he is a young man of 18 years, who had already expressed his desire to advance an attackwhich is why the Police had referred his case to a psychiatric institution for analysis, however, after being evaluated, he was released.

Precisely, this Sunday it became known about the occurrence of a new violent event, when, A gunman triggered a shooting inside the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Orange County, near the city of Los Angeles, California.with a balance of at least one person dead and four injured.

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“Devilish racism”: Justin Bieber lamented, during a concert in Buffalo, the massacre that occurred in that city

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