Descendants: is a sequel without Cameron Boyce possible?

Since 2015, the Descendants saga has been a hit! While Cameron Boyce, who played Carlos died in July 2019, would a fourth installment be possible? In an interview with ET Online, Sofia Carson, aka Evie, the Evil Queen’s daughter, raised the possibility…

After the worldwide successes of Cheetah Girls, High School Musical or, Camp RockDisney Channel offered its fans in 2015 a new musical saga: Descendants ! While the first TV movie was seen by 10.5 million viewers and is currently the fifth most viewed TV movie in cable history, the channel immediately ordered a second and a third installment. A few weeks before the broadcast of this last part on television, it was to everyone’s surprise that we learned of the death of Cameron Boyce, who played Carlos, the son of Cruella d’Enfer in Descendants. Died in his sleep following several epileptic seizures, the death of the comedian of 20 years had upset his fans as well as his friends.

In an interview with the American site ET OnlineSofia Carson, who lends her features to Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen in the saga spoke about the disappearance of the actor: “I was in Toronto the day we lost Cam, getting ready to shoot Feel the Beat. I could never forget that day. We were overwhelmed with sadness, we kept thinking how great, she was the happiest person, the most beautiful being.“As July 6, 2020 will mark the one year anniversary of Cameron Boyce’s death, the actress said:”His soul will forever live on through the legacy he left us, for he was loved by so many and possessed the purest heart.

The stars of the film do not wish to shoot a shutter without Cameron Boyce

If Disney Channel has not yet confirmed a sequel to DescendantsSofia Carson said: “Anything is always possible because it’s a beloved franchise. For me, it’s hard to imagine the world of Descendants without Cam. It wouldn’t be the same…” In an interview with the American site Peoplethe actress had already revealed: “I couldn’t imagine making a film without him. But I appreciate that people love the franchise and want it to continue. I love Evie, but she’s a bunch of four friends forever.“In an interview with hollywood-lifeDove Cameron, who plays Mal, the daughter of Maleficent in the saga had confided: “I don’t like the idea of ​​making one without Cameron, I don’t know what the plot would look like and I don’t know what it would look like. But I love the franchise and I love Kenny Ortega, I love Disney, I love the cast. I loved this moment in my life.


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Descendants: is a sequel without Cameron Boyce possible?

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