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It’s been 28 years since Kurt Cobain died on April 5 at the age of 27. If suicide is the official version given by the autopsy report, others have always maintained that the leader of Nirvana was murdered.

It is part of the infamous club of 27. On April 8, 1994, the lifeless body of Kurt Cobain was discovered in his Seattle home. Near the body, the police found a suicide note as well as the weapon used in his death, a Remington M11 rifle. “Better to burn frankly than to die out slowly”, wrote the interpreter of Smells like teen spirit in his letter, quoting Neil Young. The autopsy report will quickly conclude to a suicide by bullet in the head.

Except that several theories have been put forward, arguing that Kurt Cobain was allegedly murdered. Courtney Love hires Detective Tom Grant after her husband disappears from a rehab facility. He supports the homicide thesis and is based on a lot of evidence. According to the figures of Seattle Post-Intelligent of April 14, 1994, the level of heroin present in the blood of Kurt Cobain was too high for the leader of Nirvana to be able to commit suicide.

The conspiracy theory

Tom Grant also claims that the farewell letter found with Kurt Cobain would have been falsified and that the last lines would have been written by someone else. Tom Grant also claims that the size of the rifle is a problem. If the gun was positioned the way described in the autopsy report, Kurt Cobain’s arm would be too short for him to pull the trigger.

Director Nick Broomfield is also one of those who refute the suicide thesis. After the death of the singer and guitarist, he met several of his relatives, including Eldon Hoke, leader of the group The Mentors. The musician who is nicknamed El Duce claimed that Courtney Love reportedly offered him $50,000 to kill Kurt Cobain. A few days after this interview, El Duce was found dead, run over by a train while under the influence of alcohol. Despite his long investigation, Nick Broomfield failed to prove the assassination and estimated in an interview in 1998 that Kurt Cobain did indeed commit suicide.

Journalists Ian Halperin and Max Wallace also investigated the death of the star of Nirvana. They met many people who took part in the official investigation, including Nikolas Hartshorne, the medical examiner who examined the body. He supported the thesis of suicide. Regarding Courtney Love, the singer also supports the thesis of suicide, as do close friends of Cobain.

Will the FBI reopen the Kurt Cobain death case?

In 2021, the FBI released a ten-page long report on the musician’s death. In the file, several anonymous people asked in letters for the reopening of the investigation. As reported by Rolling Stones, the authors of these letters go against the official version. “There is evidence that he was killed and did not commit suicide, contrary to what was initially thought”, wrote one of these anonymous.

The FBI refused to reopen this investigation, explaining that it is not in his remit. “We note your concern that Kurt Cobain may have been the victim of homicide. However, most murder or assassination investigations fall under the jurisdiction of state and local authorities. Based on the information you have provided, we are unable to identify any violations of general law within the FBI’s investigative jurisdiction”, explained the federal agency in the file. Kurt Cobain fans will therefore have to make do with the official version.

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Death of Kurt Cobain: suicide or murder? The theories around the death of the leader of Nirvana – X Gossip

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