David Ellefson describes his working relationship with Dave Mustaine as “abusive”: “I feel like I was kicked out of hell, so hey…”

David Ellefson claims his working relationship with Dave Mustaine when he was still in Megadeth was “abusive”.

You may already know that last month, during an appearance on an episode of Trunk Nation LA Invasion on SiriusXM, Mustaine said Ellefson tried to ‘steal’ one of his songs from him in 2013, during the making of the Super Collider album.

During the show, Mustaine said: “While making Super Collider, I arrived one morning and [le producteur] Johnny K was there working on a song called Kingmaker. I heard it, so did David Ellefson [encore bassiste de Megadeth à l’époque], record a part at the beginning of the song. And it had nothing to do with the song… I came in and said, ‘What are you two doing?’ They mumbled trying to explain: ‘I’m going to steal your song by putting one of my riffs at the beginning’. And it was so pathetic. I felt so sorry for them both. I just said, ‘Go ahead. Leave the riff in there’. If you listen to Kingmaker [maintenant], you will hear at the beginning of the song, there is a really stupid part. And There you go.”

Now, on the latest episode of the 2020’d podcast, Ellefson has given his side of the story, saying that when the album was almost totally done, Mustaine happily offered him and others to add ideas to the record. if they wished.

Ellefson and his bandmates then decided to add the bass riff in question to the start of Kingmaker, but when they played it to Mustaine the next morning, he was not in the same mood and had apparently forgotten the proposal he had made to them.

Ellefson explained: “We have worked on [le riff] together. We were all enthusiastic. Dave arrived the next day in a much different mood – grumpy I would say [rires] and certainly not as happy as the night before. And I think either me or Johnny said, ‘Hey, there’s something I want you to hear; we worked on it last night’. Johnny plays it for him, all excited. We had all three [Johnny, le guitariste Chris Broderick et moi] heard the same thing: ‘Hey, if you want to add something, if you want to work on something, do it’. Dave didn’t seem to remember this conversation. And he had this kind of disapproving look. Then he said, ‘Why are you touching my song?’ I think he even took Broderick aside and said, ‘Don’t you dare add the David Ellefson stuff to my songs.

At one point, Ellefson claimed that his dismissal from Megadeth (following the sex scandal he was involved in) was the culmination of years of accumulated resentment from Mustaine.

He stated : “I saw the events of last year as the perfect opportunity [pour Dave] to choose success over fraternity [en référence à la décision de Mustaine de le licencier]. I think about it all now and feel like I’ve been kicked out of hell. So whatever.”

Regarding how he was treated by Mustaine at the very end, he added: “It was abusive, that’s for sure. It was simply abusive. It wasn’t necessary…Dave even said he had a grudge against me that he couldn’t get over, and I don’t even know where it came from.”

Megadeth’s new album, The Sick, The Dying…And The Dead!was released on Friday (September 2) via UMe.

In addition, recently, the American Thrash Metal band was awarded three new gold/platinum certifications by the RIAA in the United States.

David Ellefson on the 2020’d podcast:

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David Ellefson describes his working relationship with Dave Mustaine as “abusive”: “I feel like I was kicked out of hell, so hey…”

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