Date Homme: how to dress to make a good impression?

How to dress for a romantic date: the right basics so as not to be mistaken

An element that is simple to understand and yet difficult to implement when approaching a date : choose your look well. First, to make a good impression, it goes without saying. The idea is to present yourself in an outfit adapted to the weather, while avoiding going out “in disguise”. Understand: the clothing says a lot about an individual’s personality, and the person you will have in front of you will most certainly be just as stressed as you are. Waste no time, therefore, with trivial details, and focus on the essentials. For the top, this summer, choose the essential white t-shirt in light cotton in which to let your body breathe while cultivating the timeless style of very sexy James Dean. If the sun is not there, add over the t-shirt an elegant linen shirt. Pair this with a well cut straight jeans. A cut that highlights all body types, and goes wonderfully with simple clothes and accessories. As for shoes, it’s impossible to make a mistake by wearing THE star sneaker of the moment: the New Balance.

Striped linen shirt



Date: we dare the “soft boy” trend

It’s a trend that we didn’t see coming, but which has been taking hold on the most popular social networks – Instagram and TikTok in the foreground – for quite some time now. We are talking here, if it were necessary to specify it, of the tendency ” soft boy (in French, “wise boy”). If this fashion trend does not speak to you, go to the networks of men of style who make this clothing orientation a strong signature: Timothée Chalamet, Harry Styles and Jaden Smith to name but a few. Here, make way for non-gendered, fluid and pastel clothes. This summer, for example, favor slightly oversized shirts with soft patterns and refined palettes. If in winter the pants are intended to be ribbed, in summer the perfect “soft boy” wears straight cut chinos. The main colors? Light pink, lilac, water green, yellow and sky blue. With a nice pair of canvas sneakers (to avoid sweating, a sacred kill-love), and unisex accessories, voila. Difficult, after that, not to succumb to his half.

Guilin – Sunglasses

Guilin – Sunglasses


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Date Tinder: clothes for a cool and casual look

For athletes, skaterboys or fans of Green Day and Nirvana, we have what you need in this selection. If the budding rockers will have to give up the idea of ​​wearing all leather (because below 30°C we have known better), the rising temperatures do not prevent you from dressing just as cool, but in a light way. The idea that changes: the ultra fluid silk shirt, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarellowhere the tight black t-shirt which will highlight the V-shaped torso of these gentlemen. As for the pants, opt for the jeans, and head for wide and well-cut models. Very trendy, the slightly ripped jeans will have their little effect if they are well adopted. Add to that two or three gold or silver chain necklaces that you will layer around your neck, a few rings or signet rings on your fingers, and flat sneakers. Clean, please.

Men’s fashion trend 2022: what are the best accessories for a date?

Accessorize your clothes, a detail? Far from it, quite the contrary. Worse still if you find yourself facing an Earth sign (hello Virgo) who will take undisguised pleasure in analyzing you (not to say judging) … before finding a valid enough excuse to slip away more quickly if you don’t inspire him. In this case, you might as well put the odds on your side to make a good impression. This summer, store your water bottle and all your essentials in a bag that throws some punch. We are thinking here of the model Faguo camel in recycled cotton, which alone dresses a silhouette. For a sharper look, also dare to wear a shoulder bag, or even a banana like the one presented by Jacquemus which, worn over a little denim jacket, does the job effortlessly. To avoid catching sunstroke on the terrace right on the date, cover your head, but not just anyhow: a cannon bob, or a cap in tune with the times will be your best style partners. Without forgetting the little extras that affirm a personality and offer a desirable “je ne sais quoi”: a signet ring Morellato, for example. Because if the devil wore Prada in 2006, sixteen years later he prefers to hide in the details.

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Date Homme: how to dress to make a good impression?

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