Dani Martín dazzles a Prince Felipe pavilion filled to the brim

Daniel Martin and Saragossa. A love story of those that do not end -like those of many of his songs-, which began back in the year 2000, and which 22 years later is revalidated with the concert that the Madrilenian has offered this Saturday to a Príncipe Felipe pavilion to burst. It was the last show in this venue for these holidays, and boy was it up to the task. The around 10,000 fans have vibrated with their music on a very special night for the people of Zaragoza in the final stretch of the festivities.

It was already 9:40 p.m. when the stage lights went out. The public roared and acclaimed the arrival of the Madrilenian. “Dani, Dani!” They cheered. They unholstered the cameras of the mobiles and some already turned on the ‘flashes’. The idol appeared by surprise through a trapdoor in the platform of a catwalk to sing the first anthem of the night, ‘The luck of my life’. There was a desire for Dani Martín and it was noticeable in the atmosphere, with the stands carrying him on wings and accompanying each verse with the voices in unison. At the end of the song, he went to the main stage to link with ‘Volverá’. Once again, the audience gave in to the man from Madrid, who moved on stage like the star he is. A simple interaction unleashed the delirium. “I don’t hear anything!” he yelled. But he knew that was a lie.

It wasn’t until the end of the third song, ‘Son Sueños’, that the artist had a few words for the city that witnessed his launch to stardom. “Long live the Virgen del Pilar! Long live this land that has always received me with so much love!”Martin snapped. “Are you ready?” he asked the audience. Words were not needed to know the answer. Immediately afterwards he sang ‘How expensive is time’, also the title of his tour. However, many of his songs do not reflect this slogan, since they sound in the eardrums the same or even better than the first day.

From its earliest beginnings with The crazy’s songMartín has always had a faithful parish on the banks of the Ebro. In fact, last night the stands did not stop singing the songs of the band that the singer recovers in his repertoire and, in the huddles, there was talk again of a possible reunion of the band, as was speculated in the gossip a few months ago.

Sold out early

Tickets for the concert in Zaragoza went on sale months ago and sold out within a few days. This explains the ‘Martín phenomenon’, always imposing and relentless on stage. Precisely, this recital put the finishing touch to the performances that are held in the Príncipe Felipe pavilion for these Fiestas del Pilar. Thus, a review of a prestigious poster was completed, with names such as Manolo García, God Save The Queen, Estopa or Joan Manuel Serrat.

The band of which Martín was the leader for a decade presented its first album in Zaragoza in the summer of 2000. Songs like ‘Pequeñita’, ‘Eres un canalla’ or ‘Traidora’ were played again a year later at the Sala Oasis , venue where they returned in 2002 to present the album ‘A contracorriente’, which confirmed their success. With ‘Estados de moral’ they passed through the Interpeñas pavilion in 2003. After those festivities they became regular protagonists in the programming of the Fiestas del Pilar. During the years of the band’s journey, they also dropped by other Aragonese towns such as Huesca, Teruel and Barbastro.

Three concerts of the Dani Martín tour remain after last night in Zaragoza: Pamplona, ​​La Coruña and Barcelona. All three are sold out.

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Dani Martín dazzles a Prince Felipe pavilion filled to the brim

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