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Turin (Italy), May 13 (EFE).- The Italian band Maneskin will present its new single “Supermodel” tomorrow at Eurovision, the contest that saw them born a year ago in the eyes of the world and that in this edition has been splashed by the invasion of Ukraine.

That is why its vocalist, Damiano David, insists on denouncing this “unjustified war” unequivocally because he considers the vision of a “neutral” musician to be “anti-artistic”.

“I see this tendency to always be neutral as artists so as not to lose an audience on one side or gain it from another,” he says in a meeting with some media outlets, including Efe, in Turin (northern Italy), where these events are taking place. Eurovision days.

The Roman band, a true mass phenomenon by winning the contest last year in Rotterdam, has already gotten wet by canceling its concerts in Russia and its leader, Damiano David, jumped to the fore at Coachella shouting “Fuck Putin”, a frontal allusion to the Russian president.

“I would say it again every day of my life and in fact the reaction that has been generated has left me quite disconcerted. Because I think it is an issue in which there is no gray term, it is an unjustified and unjustifiable war,” he claims. .

In his opinion, Vladimir “Putin is a modern dictator and a tyrant” and encouraged the rest of the artists to take sides, using “the power” that celebrity gives them.

The band will play tomorrow, Saturday, at the Eurovision Grand Final at the Turin Olympic Palace, as is the tradition as current winners, but he does not believe that they will carry out any claim on this issue out of respect for the Ukrainian representatives, Kalush Orchestra, one of the big favorites (Russia is excluded).

“His voice is more authorized because he speaks from direct experience and I think it’s respectful to leave them space,” he said.

Damiano arrives at the meeting aided by a crutch, as he has hurt his ankle recording the video for “Supermodel” in London, and is accompanied by his inseparable companions, drummer Ethan Torchio, bassist Victoria De Angelis and guitarist Thomas Raggi.

Everyone appears smiling and enthusiastic about the premiere of this Californian notes song written in Los Angeles, produced by Max Martin (The Weeknd, Cold Play or Lady Gaga) and that talks about the frenetic life of a model, between parties and drugs.

Listening to him, the question that immediately comes to mind is whether they were inspired by personal experiences during their stay in Los Angeles. And the four snort, laugh and turn their eyes as if to say that they have seen everything or almost everything there.

In the last year these four Roman boys have conquered the charts of half the world, in one of the most meteoric rises that are remembered in the industry, but they promise that they will not be blinded by fame and celebrity.

“When you’re on stage, everything has a different meaning because in the end people go for the music, not to celebrate us,” concedes the young De Angelis.

Damiano assures, between laughs, that he does not live permanently dressed in expensive brands or makeup because “when the concert ends he returns to normal life”.

“I think that’s the only way to stay mentally healthy because if you think you’re constantly living on stage… you also miss out on the special part,” he says.

For them, he affirms, it has been “a little easier to stay with their feet on the ground” because there are four of them and, ironically, “when one begins to be a rooster, he is humiliated by the rest”.

“Supermodel” is “a more produced work” than the Maneskins’ previous ones, who stress that their lyrics are written by themselves, at most in collaboration with other people.

The band will begin its world tour “Loud Kids Tour” on October 31 and will pass through Spain with a concert at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on April 11.

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Damiano de Maneskin: “This trend of the neutral artist is anti-artistic” – Music – ABC Color

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