“Daddy”, it’s going to be “cool”, Boney M will play at the Foix celebrations

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The festival committee and its new president Michel Plana unveil the program for the year. With the high point, the end of summer celebrations and the arrival of two large groups and Boney M.

Rarely, the alleys of Villote will have welcomed a group with more than 150 million albums sold throughout the world. This will be the case on Saturday September 3 with the Boney M show, as part of the celebrations of the county city. “We are very happy to be able to have them come!”, welcomes Michel Planard, the new chairman of the committee. Because the disco group should make the crowds dance to the sound of “Daddy cool”, “Rasputin”, “Malaika” or even its covers of “Sunny”, “Ma Baker” or “Rivers of Babylon”. A word of advice to those in doubt: don’t look for these titles on the Internet, they’ll have them in their heads for the day! It must be said that Boney M, in the “70s” and “80s” invaded the world to the sound of disco, collecting no less than 42 gold discs, 50 platinum discs and 50 diamond discs… “The committee used to bring in a star every two years or so, underlines Mr. Planard. The novelty of this year is that this concert with the headliner will not take place on Sunday but on Saturday. It seems to us that it can attract even more people.” Opening for Boney M on Saturday, Columbia will be on stage; the orchestra will also play again after the headliner show. “And we continue to offer these shows for free,” says the volunteer.

The day before, the new festival committee proposed to the cheerleaders of Lavelanet to open the festivities. And he programmed the Paul Selmer Orchestra. “It’s a great formation, with around twenty artists on stage”, continues the president. Dancers, singers, musicians, games of light: a beautiful spectacle in perspective.

Second “big formation”, Sunday: Almeras music live. “It’s a very beautiful orchestra from Marseille, which is very little known in the region but which offers very beautiful things”, assures Michel Planard. Laser effects, giant screens, choreography and a festive atmosphere guaranteed!

Finally, on Monday, “we took under the hall the Brass Band Orchestra, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary on this occasion, anticipates Mr. Planard. It’s nice, because this group is led by Jacques Bonhoure, who is from Villeneuve -d’Olmes.”

So here is a great program which, in addition to the many other activities planned for this year (see above), should punctuate the days of the 25 volunteers on the committee. “It’s true that it’s a nice program, which requires work. But we have a great team”, assures the president.

And the budget is there, as the president welcomes: “This year, we have a good envelope, so we are doing something good. We already know, for a thousand reasons, that next year, the budget will be tighter”.

A comfortable budget which did not prevent the president from discussing firmly with the various groups: “We did not take a production company, because it costs too much. So I received the people, negotiated step by step And I think we’ve come to something good… Hoping that the weather is with us and that the sanitary measures will be lifted for good…”

in action from April 10

She had warned, she will keep her promise: the new team of the festival committee intends to punctuate the year. “For carnival, we are not doing anything this year, because it is a bit tight in terms of organization, testifies President Michel Planard. And we do not want to encroach on anyone. This is also why we will have to “we are studying more what we can do for Easter, knowing that there is already an egg hunt. But next year, it is possible that we organize something for Easter or for Carnival.” The next meeting of the committee is therefore scheduled for April 10, for a garage sale on the alleys of Villote. Enough to allow people who will go to the polling stations for the first round of the presidential election to combine business with pleasure. This summer, the events will begin on July 14. “For some time, the ball was on the 13th but we had noticed that there were tourists in Foix on the 14th and no entertainment. So, explains Mr. Plana, we are putting the ball back on the evening of the 14th”. With, under the hall, the Epsilon orchestra. No change, on the other hand, for the celebration of the Liberation of Foix, with on August 19, an evening to the sound of the Jacques Demeurs orchestra, under the hall. Finally, note that the committee is still studying the possibility of installing an ice rink for the end-of-year celebrations.

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“Daddy”, it’s going to be “cool”, Boney M will play at the Foix celebrations

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