Crying while listening to Bella Ciao in Persian

Yesterday, I was on Twitter, I was consulting the “Alain Souchon blowjobs” account, which contains 0 videos, when suddenly I see an old tweet from Europe 1, remember, Europe 1, it was a radio, listened to by people, there the concept moved, since people left. But they continue to work, they have coaches to let go, at Inter we lend them Christophe André, who once a week comes to tell them “but basically, what is success, caress trees” .

And so on the video I see Sonia Mabrouk in tears, it reminded me of Daniel Morin’s phrase “woman sobbing, reassuring guy groping”. I see Sonia Mabrouk, who is a journalist, crying, and in front of her, there is Bruno Retailleau, the guy from the BCBG right whose fans polish the tassels of the moccasins with their tongues. So I say to myself “what could Retailleau have done to make Mabrouk squeal? Did he send him a note saying “Vincent Bolloré is an idiot”? Did he say to himself ” I never had fun in this life, come on yolo, I’m more crazy than Jackass in 2001″, and showed him his uque, I wonder. I therefore turn up the sound, I hear Bella Ciao, the singing of the Italian resistance fighters, there I almost choke, I say to myself “Philippe Poutou has bought the station for the symbolic euro, the left is coming back, I have to call Nagui so that we flee to Dubai”.

In fact what I hear is Bella Ciao sung in Persian by an Iranian woman, it’s too beautiful, less than Keen-V but still. Sonia Mabrouk cries, she declares “I believe that everything is said”, Retailleau replies “everything is said like the tear that flows from your eyes”, here is a sensitive, elegant right, not like Mother Dati who is there to do “qu do you have your? Come on, let’s go up an octagon in the 7th at Hermès”. Finally Dimitri Pavlenko, the morning worker from Europe 1, adds “you are very moved, Sonia, we are too”, at Europe, everyone is crying, Stéphane Bern, who works there, calls live to say “in any case, a world without Elisabeth II is like a Gérard Larcher meal without 27 pigs on the spit, it’s not worth living”, and he ends his life, we feel that there, even if Danièle Obono from the Nupès arrives and starts shouting “eat your dead, Europe 1, fuck your race”, there would be someone to give him a hug.

Why ? And bah because these Iranian women, who regain control of their lives, of their bodies, who remove the veil that they were forced to put on, are courageous. I’m afraid of spiders, that’s why I refuse to do Fort Boyard, and also because I don’t want the money to go to an association, I would prefer to keep it. It’s okay, I’m not going to bungee jump with Passepartout which pushes me into the void and not feel a circle, I have values. But these girls face a tyrannical power that kills them. Me, I’m afraid of death, I say to myself “hopefully, afterwards, there’s nothing, phew finally a little calm after 8 seasons of The Voice Kids. But it’s also possible that we all meet again up there, and me stuffing myself with Michel Rocard who is trying to enter into conversation with Johnny, knowing that the difference in words spoken between them was 1400 per minute, I know that will tire me”.

I’m afraid of death, but not Iranian women, I saw a video of young girls over there with all their hair out, even at Camille Albane’s we don’t see as many of them, fingering a portrait of ‘Ali Khamenei. He is the supreme guide of the Revolution, well, one of the revolutions, because now there are two. I’m afraid of the crowd, that’s why I only go to deserted places, I walk in the hall of the CultureBox channel, in the brain of Nabilla and Thomas, in the texts of David Guetta’s songs . But Iranian women come out and demonstrate, by the hundreds, sometimes they disappear, “Gérard Majax” would have said Macron, they are there, poof, they are not there anymore. Nika Shakarami, 17, disappeared during a demonstration, body found 8 days later, face disfigured by baton blows, 17 is not an age to die, 93 either, Edouard Balladur would say, but c is not the subject.

I’m afraid of everything, whereas here we have nothing to fear, take my body, for example, this quasi-evanescent object of desire, the Lana del Rey with normal lips, they call me. Well if I want, I can show it, there would finally be added value in watching the videos of the chronicles on YouTube, but the Iranian actress Elnaaz Norouzi was arrested in Tehran for pants that were too tight at the ankles, the ankles being so tempting for guys, it’s well known, in hot clubs, the phrase that comes up the most is “come on Martine, big loute, show us your ankles”. Well no, so in Iran either, or over there the most exciting part of the body is the ankles, I don’t know, over there the guys watch Beyoncé’s concerts in a leotard and they say “come on, the cameraman, get down, the buttocks, I don’t care, the legs, pfff, oh yes, oh the ankles”.

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Crying while listening to Bella Ciao in Persian

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