Criminal Minds: Will JJ and Reid stay together in the final season?

“Criminal Minds” (“Criminal minds” in Spanish), the CBS series that shows the work of the members of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) team, a group of investigators from various branches of criminology who are dedicated to analyzing psychological and criminological to criminals to facilitate their capture; will come to an end after the broadcast of its 15th season.

The series created by jeff davis is one of the longest-running television dramas today. Its fourteenth season began with the 300th episode and with two BAU members captured by cult leader Benjamin Merva (Michael Hogan). The end of the penultimate installment will be broadcast on Wednesday, February 6 and as the showrunner told TVLine, it will be “one of the biggest (series finales)”.

At the conclusion of its final season, “Criminal Minds” It will have aired 324 episodes, making it one of the 20 longest-running American series of all time. Specifically, it is America’s 18th longest-running scripted primetime series, after shows like “NCIS,” “ER” and “Law and Order” and “Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit.”

“Criminal Minds”: CBS renews 15th and final season (Photo: Instagram @crimmindscbs)

As fans of the series await the premiere, many are wondering what will happen to BAU in the final season. Recently, TV Line exclusively shared one of the first images surrounding the premiere of season 15 of the CBS crime drama, titled ‘Under the Skin’ And it will be released on January 8.

In the image, Reid Y Jennifer Jareau (JJ) they seem to be sharing a sweet moment, perhaps intimate. But there is, of course, the not too small matter of the ring on the latter’s finger.

To recall, when season 14 ended, JJ was challenged by an unknown subject with a “Truth or Dare”. Held at gunpoint, she chose the former and confessed her deepest, darkest secret: “Spence, I’ve always loved you,” she confessed. “I was too scared to say it earlier. And things are really too complicated to say right now, sorry. But you should know,” she hears herself say.

After they were released, JJ told Reid that what he said was really just to throw the guy off balance. However, when Reid asks if what he says is true, JJ’s expression speaks for itself. This led to a series of comments from fans.

Jennifer Jareau appears in a promotional image with a small ring on her finger (Photo: CBS)
Jennifer Jareau appears in a promotional image with a small ring on her finger (Photo: CBS)

The reactions were swift. In a TVLine poll, 47 percent were shocked by JJ’s statement, 35 percent argued that JJ and Reid have always been more like “brother,” and the rest wanted to know what will happen in the final season.

Meanwhile, the showrunner Erica Messier he noted that “these people have been in the trenches together, and when it comes to work, it’s life or death quite often, so ‘who are we to say who’s coming and who isn’t?’”

As for what happens next (JJ’s marriage to Will included), Messer said, “We dealt with that in the first two hours of the last 10 [episodios], because that needs some explanation and a little care to be fair to her. 100 percent believe Reid loves her too, so that’s the hard part.”

So, we will not know what really happens after its premiere, the first week of January 2020 and after the end of the last installment, a month later.


The fifteenth and final season of “Criminal Minds” will include “a bad boy we meet towards the end of season 14, who will be our main focus in season 15,” Messer revealed. Additionally, she believes this character will be “a worthy adversary” for the BAU during this final installment.

Also, for the final season there will be “a couple of personal stories that might surprise people. I certainly feel like fans are going to be completely shaken.”

For now, because it is the last season of the series, some fans believe that it could be the occasion for the return of Thomas Gibson What Aaron Hotchneralthough that seems very complicated, because the actor was fired in August 2016 for assaulting the writer and executive producer on the same set of recordings Virgil Williams, whom he allegedly kicked . Otherwise, it is Shemar Moorewho does have the doors open to reappear as Derek Morgan for the last goodbye of “Criminal Minds“.

On this topic, the return of characters, Messer clarified that “what I would love is to honor the history of the series in some way that is satisfactory for all of us, and I don’t know exactly what that will be”-“When closing the chapter of the series, I want to be sure that we are honoring all the people who were here and the lives that we have involved for so long, “he said without committing to a hypothetical return of Gibson.


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Criminal Minds: Will JJ and Reid stay together in the final season?

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