Criminal Minds: Why Spencer Reid’s Most Viewed Scenes Are So Shocking

In Criminal Minds he was the famous Dr. Spencer Reid played by Matthew Gray Gubler, the cast member who has been in a number of memorable stories that continue to be the subject of comment thanks to the repetitions of the program.

With 15 years of broadcasting, the popular series Criminal Minds showed on screen interesting solved cases played by a talented cast that to this day is remembered as the most famous team of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit on television. Fans were able to enjoy the best episodes up close, the vast majority of which are memorable in part thanks to Matthew Gray Gubler’s brilliant performance as Dr. Spencer Reid.

Criminal Minds featured a long list of talented stars who starred in memorable scenes

The CBS program Criminal Minds is recorded in the history of crime drama series as one of the longest running of its kind (September 2005-February 2020). Although it presented some ups and downs in the ratings, its popularity is undeniable thanks to the presence of Spencer Reid. The character managed to stay for more than a decade in the public’s taste, which today continues to enjoy the most important scenes of him thanks to the repetitions of the program on various transmission platforms.

While Criminal Minds featured a long list of talented acting stars in the main cast from start to finish, no one was there longer than Gray Gubler. As Dr. Spencer Reid, the actor appeared on the crime drama screen as a bright young man in his twenties with a lifetime ahead of him, whom we saw grow into a seasoned professional who effectively developed his uncanny ability to get to the bottom of cases.

There are several Spencer Reid scenes that have stood out for being the favorites of Criminal Minds fans, some for being full of darkness like the ones in the episode “Believer” from season 13, in which a former FBI agent ended up involved in the case of a serial killer called The Strangler. Also the episodes that showed his personal growth struggle like the episode “LDSK” from the first season, when we see Reid struggling to get his weapons certification he needs to be in the field with the team and subsequently puts it to use in a do-or-die scene.

But there is one episode in particular where the scenes starring Gray Gubler as Spencer gave fans of the show a lot to talk about, we mean “someone is watching” (Somebody’s Watching) from the first season. As you may remember, on that occasion the elite team of profilers from Criminal Minds goes to Hollywood to investigate a series of murders that are connected to a beautiful young actress who is stalked by a mysterious perpetrator who kills people to help her in her career and He threatens to end his life if he ignores him.

There are several scenes in which we see the sexual tension that the spectacular television actress Lila Archer (played by Amber Heard) provokes the shy Dr Reid who is in charge of protecting her, the flirting and romance sequences experienced by the researcher would be the only views of his character in fiction. Added to this, the episode has an incalculable added value and that is that the culprit ended up being a woman whose face would become famous almost a decade later, the actress Katheryn Winnick, remembered today for her epic character of lagertha in vikings.

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Criminal Minds: Why Spencer Reid’s Most Viewed Scenes Are So Shocking

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