Criminal Minds: What was not told about the departure of actor Mandy Patinkin from the series

Any exit from a show is usually a headache for producers, but when Mandy Patinkin walked away from Criminal Minds, she launched a strong criticism that no one saw coming.

It’s rare that a long-running show doesn’t go through some significant cast changes as it goes through its run. Criminal Minds was no exception to this, but it was also a show that underwent a major cast change quite early in its run.

Criminal Minds is one of the longest running crime series on television.

After Gibson’s firing from Criminal Minds, Hotchner was written out of the show, and it is explained in the series that the character had to go into Agent Protection because a serial killer was targeting his son.

This all happened off-screen, so no formal goodbyes were had, and it’s clear that fans are still a bit bitter about it. Of course, in this case, Gibson’s departure was sudden, and the writers of Criminal Minds They probably didn’t have time to think about anything else, since TV shows are made at an incredibly fast pace.

It wouldn’t be a good show if the most controversial departures weren’t resolved as they should be, stars like Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner), Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan), and Lola Glaudini (Elle Greenaway) who were kicked out of Criminal Minds, ended up somehow , solved by production decisions.

Mandy Patkin, who played agent Jason Gideon, announced his departure in 2007 of his own volition. For the moment, the situation was completely different from the previous cases. To say that his departure caused a stir is an understatement, considering that his character had really adapted to the plot of the series.

Criminal Minds: The actor confessed the strong reasons for his departure

Jason Gideon’s character (Mandy Patinkin) left Criminal Minds at the start of the show’s third season. Mandy Patinkin’s departure was understandably a huge blow to the series, though it didn’t turn out to be fatal. The actor was reportedly kicked off the series due to various creative differences. The post-exit actor’s statements were critical.

“The biggest public mistake I ever made was that I chose to do Criminal Minds. I thought it was something very different. I never thought they were going to kill and rape all these women every night, every day, week after week, year after year. It was very destructive to my soul and my personality. After that, I didn’t think I would ever work on television again.”

After Patinkin stopped showing up to work on the set of Criminal Minds, the showrunners issued a statement in which they clarified their own issues for their departure and added more controversy to the situation. The statements had no relation to what the actor himself had expressed days before, and fell against him. To this day, that is all we know of the altercation.

“He’s incredibly intense, manically focused. He was never bad, but that intensity may not always be to the liking of other actors.”

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Criminal Minds: What was not told about the departure of actor Mandy Patinkin from the series

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