Criminal Minds: Two actors from the series with a very strong connection in real life

While Criminal Minds entertained us with its cop drama stories for long stretches, it also had interesting character arcs and great chemistry, aided by a strong real-life connection between its actors.

In a small group of classic friendships between characters that identify men and women on television, Garcia and Morgan from the crime drama Criminal Minds they drew the line between friendship, flirtation and romance for 11 seasons. Their banter and fierce friendship helped the show earn plenty of brownie points throughout its run. This chemistry raised the obvious question then:Shemar Moorewho plays Morgan, and Kirsten Vangsnesswho plays Garcia, are they friends off screen?

Criminal Minds: Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness are friends in real life

Penelope Garcia, or as we fondly remember how Morgan called her: Baby Girl, was a goth nerd who joined the Behavioral Analysis Unit as a tech analyst in Season 1 of Criminal Minds. Morgan is a young member of the BAU team who has the ability to be equally charming and intense.

Garcia and Morgan have a unique relationship from the beginning. His light-hearted humor brings a much-needed balance between the show’s serious subject matter and his conversations went from funny to playful in an instant, never failing to entertain fans of the crime series.

Their relationship also saw its serious and authentic moments, until season 11, when Morgan decided to leave the BAU to be with his family. This, however, did not end their friendship. Morgan named Garcia godmother to her child and it gave all fans hope that Baby Girl and Hot Stuff would be best friends forever.

All this genuine care and love couldn’t have been acting up, could it? Well, in this case, it wasn’t. Kirsten Vangsness revealed that it was their off-screen chemistry that encouraged the writers to focus on their on-screen relationship.

Criminal Minds: Image published on the official account of the actress @Vangsness with Shemar Moore off camera

Despite their chemistry, which became a huge highlight of the show, their relationship never ventured into the romantic sphere, much to the disappointment of some fans. There were times when it seemed like it was going to happen, but the writers never went that route for Morgan and Garcia. Criminal Minds it was, by definition, a serious drama that didn’t have many major romantic arcs and the characters, almost all of them, at some point or another had romantic relationships that merged with the main plotlines or ongoing cases.

Also in real life, even though Vangsness and Moore have shared a close relationship in the public eye for a long time, they have never left their relationship to anyone’s imagination and have kept rumors of a romance pretty far away. But knowing that Garcia and Morgan are best friends in real life is a huge win for fans of Criminal Minds.

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Criminal Minds: Two actors from the series with a very strong connection in real life

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