Criminal Minds: The Most Memorable Guest Actress to Host the CBS Crime Drama

Criminal Minds, during its fifteen seasons on CBS featured a plethora of on-screen guest characters, however, none were as memorable as Tricia Helfer, who played one of the darkest characters to ever grace the drama.

Criminal Mindsthe drama about criminal profilers and profilers that follows the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit team, ran for 15 seasons until it concluded in 2020 on CBS. There were many guest actors who masterfully played their characters, but perhaps none is as remembered as the one from tricia helfer.

One of the most memorable guest stars of Criminal Minds was introduced at the end of the season 7 of the CBS series

The hit series whose stories came to an end two years ago is set to return as a revival through the streaming platform. Paramount+. Currently, some members of the original cast are in negotiations to reprise their roles in a plot with the same narrative from beginning to end. Although details of the return of Criminal Minds are scarce, fans can’t put down some of the more outlandish cases the series featured at the time.

The series became one of the most watched worldwide, thanks to the various stories that the writers of Criminal Minds prepared. The drama used to narrate in most of its episodes the extravagant cases with the most twisted criminals that have ever crossed the minds of the viewers. Two of them were featured at the end of season 7 in the episodes titled “Hit” and “Run”.

In these installments of Criminal Minds, the team from the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit followed a group of especially sadistic bank robbers, led by a character named Izzy Rogers, who was played by actress Tricia Helfer, also known as bring Number Six to life in the sci-fi series “Battlestar Galactica“; Dracula in the drama of syfyVan Helsing” and for her most recent role as Charlotte Richards, on the hit TV show Netflix, Lucifer.

However, it was her role as a guest on Criminal Minds that was one of the most memorable in the entire history of the series, whose two-episode arc was full of action during her brief appearance. In the CBS drama, Helfer played a dark and insane character who could be described as a frivolous assassin who lacked empathy or consideration for human life.

Tricia Helfer played flighty killer Izzy Rogers in Criminal Minds, giving one of the crime drama’s most memorable performances.

Surely many Criminal Minds fans will remember that in these two episodes Izzy Rogers’ group of thieves injured several hostages, while she rejoiced to see them suffer. Without a doubt, this generated a great impact on the audience, making Helfer’s performance something difficult to forget, since she not only causes destruction, but also murders two central characters of the CBS series and her son.

In Criminal Minds, everything comes to an end when Rogers comes face to face with JJ (A. J. Cook) and proves to be even deadlier and colder than first thought. Helfer’s portrayal of Izzy adds a layer of seductive charm and charisma to her character, making her a much more terrifying villain.

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Criminal Minds: The Most Memorable Guest Actress to Host the CBS Crime Drama

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