Criminal Minds: The episodes of the series that are really worth rewatching

We present a brief analysis of the most interesting episodes of Criminal Minds, the pioneering series that delved into the darkest cases, fictional and others not so much, in the world of serial killers on television and that will surely encourage you to go back into the psychological profile of criminals and how to catch them.

Crime drama shows have always been popular with the audience. The depiction of the mind of a killer, the thrilling cat-and-mouse chase, the jaw-dropping action sequence, and the satisfaction of bringing a feared criminal to justice is something that appeals to everyone.

Criminal Minds: Episodes worth watching

The way investigators work together to bring a fugitive behind bars can work wonders on a crime drama show. That’s the reason why Criminal Mindsan American police procedural crime drama series, it held its position on the most-viewed charts for an impressive 15-year period.

Created by JeffDavis, the series features an elite team of criminal profilers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), collectively known as the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). Using behavioral analysis techniques and building profiles based on these analyses, the unit attempts to capture dangerous fugitives who attack citizens and threaten the harmony of the state while struggling with personal problems of their own.

Through its gripping story and flawless execution, the show soon became a household name and gained popularity. However, some may find it quite boring due to its long running time and almost similar plots across its 324 episodes.

Season 2, Episode 15 – Revelations

This classic episode was a perfect mix of action and excitement. The episode featured the kidnapping and brutal torture of BAU member Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), and the team’s attempt to save his partner. The chapter is considered one of the best due to James Van Der Beek’s harrowing performance in the dual role of Raphael and Tobias, a serial killer who uses religion to justify killing him. This double interpretation and the high levels of tension with a personal touch made this episode the best in the series.

Season 2, Episode 11 – Sex, Birth, Death

Anton Yelchin’s starring appearance as Nathan Harris, a teenager struggling with his urges to become a serial killer, was the highlight of the episode. This dark psychological tale, which ended with Nathan’s death, ranks among the best due to the clever writing and intense acting from the cast.

Season 1, Episode 18 – Someone’s Watching

The BAU traveled to Hollywood to hunt down an obsessive stalker-murderer who killed off competition from their favorite actress, Lila Archer (Amber Heard). But when his efforts to help Lila went unnoticed, he made Lila his next target. This chilling episode not only has jaw-dropping action sequences, but also a well-handled romantic sequence between Reid and Lila.

Season 5, Episode 12 – Uncanny Valley

The episode featured one of the series’ creepiest cases. It featured a psychopathic killer kidnapping women out of her obsession, drugging them, and turning them into living dolls. Intricate plot development, well-written themes of corrupt misuse of power, and sensitive exploration of pain make this episode worthy of this list.

Season 5, Episode 9-100

100 showed the end of the long battle between Hotch (Thomas Gibson) and Foyet (C. Thomas Howell) after the narcissistic killer cruelly murders the agent’s ex-wife and puts their son in grave danger. The episode was brutally painful, and the death arc was the highlight of the episode. The soaring emotions made this episode worthy of a new look.

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Criminal Minds: The episodes of the series that are really worth rewatching

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