Criminal Minds: The 2 Characters Fans Didn’t Want To See In The Drama Again

Criminal Minds has come to an end after 15 seasons on the air on CBS. While fans felt some kind of admiration for most of the characters, two of them caused some viewers of the crime drama annoyance instead of joy.

Criminal Minds is the hit crime drama from the broadcast network CBSwhich ran from its premiere in September 2005 to its conclusion in February 2020 after 15 riveting seasons on fan screens, chronicling heinous crime cases while the team from the behavioral analysis unit of the FBI, was in charge of solving them.

Criminal Minds fans rejoiced when Jason Gideon walked out of the CBS series stories

Over the years, Criminal Minds has become one of the most watched dramas of its genre on television worldwide. Praised by critics and real-life FBI agents alike, the show became a fan favorite following its storylines season after season.

The successful series, over the years, managed to gain the immense support of legions of viewers around the world, who while attracted by the plot about serial killers involved in outlandish crime cases, also liked the series thanks to the quality of interpretation of each of its characters. However, that did not happen to all.

And it is that according to the controversial discussions of the fans on Reddit, in Criminal Minds there were two characters that always generated some discomfort in the viewers of the CBS series. One of them was Jason Gideon, played by Mandy Patinkin until his departure from the show in season 3.

Fans didn’t want to see Emily Prentiss again, after faking her death in Criminal Minds

In Criminal Minds, Jason Gideon was the Senior Supervisory Special Agent for the Behavioral Analysis Unit until he decided to retire. And it wasn’t until the tenth installment that he was killed off-screen. Fans were happy when he did not appear in the series again, as they said he was an arrogant and frustrating character. They say that when he left, things got better on the show.

Another character that no one wanted to see in Criminal Minds was Emily Prentiss, played by (Paget Brewster) as the unit chief of the behavioral analysis unit. Even though she was a fan favorite, not everyone was happy that she came back and faked her own death to hide from Ian Doyle and protect the entire team. She eventually returned to the crime drama and apparently some would rather she stay dead.

“I think Prentiss should have stayed dead,” another Reddit user wrote. “Don’t get me wrong I love fucking Emily Prentiss she’s easily one of my favorite characters and I’m always happy to see more of her but her death was such a shock to not only the audience but the show itself I felt the incredible climax of her story and her ‘death’ were retroactively tainted by the revelation that she survived.”

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Criminal Minds: The 2 Characters Fans Didn’t Want To See In The Drama Again

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