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Criminal Minds: Evolution star Zach Gilford teases what’s to come in Episode 9, revealing there will be some unexpected character decisions.

Criminal Minds: Evolution star Zach Gilford teases a surprising Episode 9, citing shocking character decisions. Although it ended in 2020, CBS’ hit crime procedural Criminal Minds has found new life on Paramount+ with a 10-episode revival featuring much of the original cast. The series aired its first five episodes ahead of the holidays and left audiences with a major cliffhanger that saw Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) and JJ (AJ Cook) caught in an explosive trap set by the season’s big bad, Elias. Sees from Gilford. Criminal Minds: Evolution will return on January 12.

Beyond resolving the mid-season finale’s cliffhanger, it looks like viewers still have plenty of surprises to come. Speaking to TVLine, Gilford offers a tantalizing glimpse of what audiences can expect from Criminal Minds: Evolution episode 9. As it’s the penultimate episode of the season, Gilford suggests some characters will wow viewers. with their choices. The actor says:

You can say you’re coming to an end [of the season] because everything is starting to unravel potentially. People are starting to make decisions that they wouldn’t normally make, which I think is going to surprise the audience but also surprise these characters.

How Criminal Minds: Evolution improved its characters

Criminal Minds: Evolution has the advantage of working with the same characters from the original series, except for a few notable absences. The move to streaming has given the creative team more room to explore the lives and personalities of the various Behavioral Analysis Unit agents, whether through a health scare for JJ and her husband Will ( Josh Stewart) or that of Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness). feelings about returning to the FBI. Criminal Minds: Evolution has received plenty of praise for exploring its characters even further, and it looks like the final five episodes will continue that streak.

With Gilford hinting at character decisions that even take the characters themselves by surprise, the stage is set for Criminal Minds: Evolution to push the BAU agents further than ever before. Already, the revival has placed some of its characters in unique locations. For example, David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) entered Criminal Minds: Evolution drowning in grief over the death of his wife, a decision few had anticipated. Therefore, it stands to reason that Episode 9 could feature some shocking twists for one of Criminal Minds’ main characters. Nothing is on the table now.

What to expect from the rest of the Criminal Minds: Evolution

When Criminal Minds: Evolution returns later this month, the BAU will continue their hunt for Voit, whom they know as “Sicarius”. During the coronavirus pandemic, Voit launched a serial killer ring that proved incredibly difficult to read. While the BAU had found their best lead yet in the mid-season finale, things got complicated again when Alvez and JJ were put in jeopardy. Criminal Minds: Evolution will likely solve the mystery of their fate fairly quickly in Episode 6, and the rest of the season may find the agents dealing with and recovering from the attack. Additionally, since Criminal Minds: Evolution is currently only set for those 10 episodes, viewers can expect a clear resolution to the Sicarius saga by the very end.

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Criminal Minds Season 16 Star Teases Surprising Episode 9 | Pretty Reel

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