Criminal Minds: One of the most controversial characters in the series announced that he wants to return

When rumors of a Criminal Minds reboot began, speculation immediately arose as to whether it would return with the original cast, with new faces, or if it would be a mix of both possibilities. When one of the characters from the original series spoke out, his fans and his detractors took notice.

It is already known to all that the famous Criminal Minds It will rise from its ashes again to return to the screens of fans after ending 15 popular seasons just over a year ago. The one responsible for the miracle is the Paramount + platform, it brings back the drama and the fans are not only wondering who of the cast will return but also debate which ones should.

The famous Criminal Minds will rise from the ashes again

Rumors suggest that most of the main cast of the last seasons of Criminal Minds are being contacted to return, and while there are ample reasons why fans say the series couldn’t survive without its original cast, others differ, saying ideally it would return with new faces accompanied by some familiar members.

For fans of Criminal Minds It will be a unique opportunity with an expiration date, since according to the platform, although in the past the original CBS drama presents different cases in each of its episodes, this time the revival will present the characters investigating a single case during the episode. over ten episodes.

One of the controversies surrounding this unexpected revival of Criminal Minds so soon after it ended, began with the interpreter of Emily Prentiss, Paget Brewsterwhen a few months ago he made some revelations in an interview that all those who starred in the last four seasons of the original series were contacted to return.

“We’re so thankful that they came to everyone who was in the cast for the last four seasons… They came to all of us and said, ‘Will everyone come back?'”

“And every single one of us, who can, who aren’t starring on another show, have been negotiating this.”

“We’re doing everything we can, and everyone is trying to make this happen. We really enjoy each other, and we really enjoy how much our fans love the show.”

Everyone is wondering which cast members will return to the revival of Criminal Minds

These statements raised two topics of discussion, first that, as explained by the actress, two of the most popular and important protagonists of the series may not be in her return. They are Derek Morgan played by Shemar Moore, who is starring in the SWAT series and Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner played by Thomas Gibson, who, as you may remember, left abruptly due to an altercation with the production.

The second problem is due to the same interpreter of the character of Emily Prentiss, Paget Brewster, who since she began to be part of the cast of Criminal Minds had a strange journey in the taste of the audience, or they hated or loved her. The character entered the plot two episodes after another controversial member of the team, Elle Greenaway (Lola Glaudini) definitively resigned from the FBI.

Prentiss first appeared in Criminal Minds in the episode “The Last Word” (episode nine of the second season), to later appear on screen for more than ten years but intermittently. In the sixth season of the show, Brewster along with his co-star AJ Cook, who played Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, left the drama due to their contracts being released by CBS in order to reduce the production costs of the series. . An exit that the fans did not like at all.

Both dismissals caused a great stir among the followers of Criminal Minds. Something that the chain had not taken into account and fearing that this would seriously affect the ratings, the chain decided to return both actresses and kept them for the following season. However, Brewster decided to leave Criminal Minds at the end of the seventh season in order to pursue a career in comedy television shows.

The original actors of Criminal Minds are in negotiations

However, after two seasons, the star reappeared as Emily Prentiss in the ninth installment to appear in the series’ 200th episode. Later, she was a guest in season 11 and returned as the main character in the twelfth installment in 2016 with the departure of Thomas Gibson, staying until the end of the series.

Emily Prentiss managed to make a big difference in Criminal Minds with his character, but many fans did not like him. Neither her skills as a polyglot and expert profiler, nor her determination and talent for discovering the darkest intentions of the criminals she was hunting, managed to hook a percentage of the series’ fans. One of the reasons for her was the lack of transparency and mystery of her being transferred to the agency under a cloud of suspicion, which made her unreliable and treacherous.

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Criminal Minds: One of the most controversial characters in the series announced that he wants to return

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