Criminal Minds: How the CBS drama ended up affecting the lives of some fans

Criminal Minds was one of the most prestigious police dramas on television. Running for 15 seasons on CBS, the series that followed an elite team of FBI criminal profilers has wormed its way into the hearts of fans and in some ways affected some.

Criminal Mindsthe criminal profiler series that focused on a group of FBI special agents, specifically those who worked in the behavioral analysis unit, first aired on September 22, 2005 through the broadcast network CBS and remained on screen until its conclusion on February 19, 2020 after 15 seasons.

How Criminal Minds ended up affecting the lives of some fans

The show ended up airing on Wednesday nights, bringing a different case involving heinous crimes committed by serial killers to fans’ screens each week. Criminal Minds was a drama that captured the attention of millions of viewers around the world from the first time it aired. So much so, that he ended up having some influence on some of them.

The success of Criminal Minds was due not only to its compelling story arc loaded with drama, intrigue, and the passion that each character brought to the stories as they solved the cases, but also to the acting quality of the cast members. While these were some of the attractions of the CBS series, there was also the love it generated in viewers for detective genre shows.

It turns out that Criminal Minds caused many fans to be interested not only in the police area, but also in criminology and psychology; specifically focused on the study of the mind of serial killers. Some viewers, in a forum about the series on Reddit, exposed their experiences and what most attracted them to the successful program.

“I started watching it four years ago, and since then I have been obsessed with everything related to criminal justice, psychology, sociology, psychopathology, and serial killers,” said one Reddit user.

Criminal Minds has served as an inspiration for fans who ended up choosing professional careers related to police and forensic sciences.

The series definitely inspired a renewed interest in criminal justice efforts. Another fan on the net, followed the thread and commented how Criminal Minds and other similar dramas sparked his interest in police and forensic science, due to the way in which each case is approached in all aspects, including the psychological one. In fact, others admitted that they chose their career paths after watching the CBS series.

“I have always been interested in crime, specifically unsolved crimes,” said another user. “Criminal Minds appealed to me because of that, but it definitely piqued my interest as well. I always wanted to be a police officer, but I ended up being a teacher. Now I am doing a doctorate in criminal psychology, so I will do interviews with criminals.”

“I started watching Criminal Minds when I was around 11 or 12 years old, and now I’m about to major in criminology and criminal justice,” said another Reddit user. “I hope to work for the FBI one day too!”

“I love Criminal Minds and got really into criminal justice/serial killers and found out why they do it and also got really into psychology and everything related to that and how criminals think,” said another.

Criminal Minds undoubtedly remains one of the best police dramas on television in recent decades. Ever since it came to an end just over 2 years ago, fans have clamored for a reboot of the series. The dream of the viewers is coming true with the revival of the program that now goes by the name Criminal Minds: Evolutiona new drama that brings back part of the original cast that will air through the streaming platform Paramount + from November 2022.

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Criminal Minds: How the CBS drama ended up affecting the lives of some fans

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