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With Paramount+ Criminal minds revival supposedly in development has fans wondering who of the original cast will return and who won’t. Shemar Moore notably hasn’t been on the show since before it ended, but if they’re planning on doing a limited series, it would be fun if Derek came out of retirement.

He was one of the characters who had the strongest bond with others, like Reid and Prentiss, but especially his little girl Penelope. Their friendship was wonderful and special, and between words of affirmation and witty workplace banter, they had so many great quotes it was hard to choose.

flirting at work

“You are a statuesque god of sculpted chocolate thunder.” — Penelope Garcia

Garcia has a very special way of flirting over the phone with Morgan, even when the situation calls for a more professional attitude. Often when he asks her to tell him something (about the case), she responds with one of them to break the tension.

It doesn’t bother anyone, and usually the rest of the team rolls their eyes, but it ends with a hostile work environment seminar, which is apparently dedicated entirely to Penelope and Derek. Luckily, they don’t let themselves be stopped for too long.

Silent communication

“Every day is implied.” -Derek Morgan

When Garcia tries to replace JJ and do her job, she sinks too deep and ends up flying away. Of course, the only person who can calm her down and remind her of what matters is her chocolate thunder, Derek Morgan. As he throws his only pair of contacts in the trash and puts on his glasses, indicating that she has nothing to change about him, Garcia gets emotional and that’s one of the best scenes/quotes.

Feeling a wave of gratitude for her friend, she asks him how often she tells him she loves him. He then delivers this quote, reminding the audience what’s best about that kind of friendship. Sometimes you don’t even have to say it, but they still know.

Inappropriate behavior

“Or what, are you going to spank me?” – Penelope Garcia

Morgan and Garcia’s interactions were the sole reason for a hostile work environment seminar the FBI had them attend. It was phrases like this that supposedly created it, even though most people around them just rolled their eyes in affection.

Garcia has no filter. Delivering that line even though he warned Garcia that it was on speakerphone was just too iconic not to mention. However, not everyone enjoys workplace flirtations.

It smells of hope

“You smell hope and happiness.” – Penelope Garcia

Derek’s departure from Criminal Minds was sad but had one of the best arcs on television. After a moment of separation, Derek returns to help Penelope through personal trauma. Even though she is visibly distraught to the point that her voice is hoarse from crying, Derek always finds a way to calm her down. It’s even an unspoken connection between them, and as they mention in this scene, they can often heal each other without words.

In a funny scene, Penelope hugs him to make sure he’s there and mentions that he feels hope and happiness. Given how connected they were, it’s not crazy to imagine his scent would have soothing qualities for her.

want to sleep

“It drives me crazy when you talk to me about stuff that wants to have sex.” -Derek Morgan

Despite her surname Garcia, as Derek points out, she can’t speak Spanish to save his life. But she can speak French fluently and she demonstrates it by flirting with Derek on the phone. He’s unlikely to understand, but he has to pick up the tone because it’s his answer.

Their flirtation and jokes are just one of the ways they try to soften the shock of everything they see on a daily basis, and Garcia even jokes that she has to call to flirt with him “at least four times a day. day” or she gets itchy, but that’s just their way of bonding and relieving stress.

Using his words against him

“Baby girl, you’re tripping.” – Penelope Garcia

While their fun and flirtatious interactions always win out, they also have a way of being mad at each other that’s kind of cute. This usually happens when one is worried about the other, in this case Penelope is worried about Derek.

She reports her own words back to him, basically telling him to pull himself together and stop being self-centered. She screams a little and hangs up the phone. However, neither of them holds a grudge, and they both know it’s just out of sheer concern and they wish they were angry.

Everything they do is magic

“Everything you and I do together is magical. From the minute we met.” -Derek Morgan

Rarely do the writers of a TV show care as much about a platonic friendship as they did with Penelope and Derek. It was a wonderful connection and they gave them exactly the tearful goodbye they deserved. When Garcia admits she’s scared he’s leaving and things will change, he reminds her of their bond.

It’s a scene in which the audience laughs through their tears as references to their friendship are made, reminding everyone that it’s magic to find someone so special. Despite the sadness of the goodbye, it was the best season for Derek’s character.

affectionate chatter

“Search your computer for the words sexy and shiny and tell me what you find.” -Derek Morgan

These two have a hilarious way of joking at work. It’s not just Penelope who compliments Derek on her looks, but he constantly reminds her of how amazing she is. Even though Garcia apparently isn’t afraid to be herself, having the confidence boost never hurts, and he makes sure to deliver.

These interactions are the best because there’s absolutely no hint of anything remotely sexual between them, and Garcia even freaks out when she thinks something has happened. They both agree that it’s just a way to blow off some steam and lighten the mood when everything seems gloomy.

Comfort given by God

“You are my God-given comfort.” -Derek Morgan

It’s one of Garcia and Morgan’s best scenes, showing all the different sides of their friendship. From their unspoken bond to their comfort with each other and even a bit of their witty banter is included.

As Morgan tells Garcia that she is his comfort and should never stop talking to him, she replies that she can’t because she’s too mad at him. Not on purpose, but he briefly tricked her into thinking he had died in an explosion, and she got one of the biggest scares of her life.

where it all started

“Hey little girl!” -Derek Morgan

Ironically, it all started with a little girl. When Morgan didn’t know her name, he called her that and she jokingly replied that her name was worse. And so began a beautiful and long friendship. It’s funny because Garcia might have been offended by the slightly misogynistic nickname, but she took it as a positive and it became their thing.

Audiences have probably lost count of how many times Derek has called her “little girl,” but nothing will ever beat the original instance when it came out so spontaneously and out of nowhere. It’s a good thing the producers decided to share this scene with the audience because it was one of the best for their friendship.

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