‘Conversations with Friends’: What’s this good-to-day miniseries about a bisexual millennial falling for a married man worth?

This Sunday, May 15, the American streaming service Hulu made available the twelve episodes of a sensitive and very well done mini-series, “Conversations with Friends”, which is likely to “speak” to millions of young adults. We owe this BBC co-production to the Irish Sally Rooney, who created it based on her first novel, published in 2017. Two years ago, she did the same thing with another of her books hit, “Normal People”, released in 2018.

“Conversations With Friends” focuses on the character of Frances, a 21-year-old university student who lays the foundations of her identity, not without difficulty or suffering. We meet her in Dublin, at the end of a school year, a milestone she celebrates with her best friend Bobbi, with whom she had a romantic relationship a few years earlier. Together, they write poems which they deliver on stage, in stand up shows. One day, they become friends with a journalist, Melissa Conway, who is older than them and arouses their admiration.

The latter does not take long to invite them to her home and introduce them to her husband Nick, an actor, who is younger than her. Quite quickly, Frances, who had never slept with a man, begins an affair with this one, and attaches herself to it more than she should. What Bobbi does not see with a good eye at first… From then on, we follow Frances trying to navigate this relationship, go through many uncertainties and also spend a “baba cool” vacation with his friends…

Here is for the installation of this story in which many will find themselves. It is about this crucial period of life when, not without difficulty, we leave childhood, we do not smile at the masses and we make risky choices or rather we do not know what we are doing and we dream of an ideal of life. Frances symbolizes all of this…

If his first episode goes fairly quickly, action level, those that follow are more charged with atmospheres and its “idleness” mode. Especially, of course, those of the holidays… What is certain is that the bonds, both beautiful and difficult, of Frances and Nick are accurately described. And, we warn, they are worth several more or less direct sensual scenes. But gynecological disturbances await Frances…

At the end of this presentation, we would like to salute the talent and the naturalness of the actors of this mini-series, starting with Alison Oliver alias Frances. She is surrounded by Sasha Lane who plays Bobbi, Jemima Kirke alias Melissa, and in the role of Nick, Joe Alwyn (31 years old), who has been in town for four years, the boyfriend of Taylor Swift, of whom he has co-wrote and co-produced several songs from the 8th album.

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‘Conversations with Friends’: What’s this good-to-day miniseries about a bisexual millennial falling for a married man worth?

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