Confirmed concerts in Villahermosa

TABASCO.- The months of May, June and July will flood Villahermosa with endless stars to perform at different venues in Villahermosa, among which the Open Air Theater of the Dora María Tabasco Park, the Palenque de Gallos and the Esperanza Iris Theater stand out.

One of them being that of the singer Carlos Rivera, who will arrive in Villahermosa tomorrow to appear at the Palenque de Gallos with his palenque tour, the organizers plan to start the show after 8:30 at night. Tickets are on sale at the Hyatt hotel or on the Ticket1ONE website.

Below we inform you that other events are coming to take place in Villahermosa.

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1.- Dinner / dance: The Blue Angels.

Day: Friday, May 20.

Private event.

The group will not only perform their hits, they will also announce their most recent collaboration with singer Luciano Pereyra on the song “Una mujer como tú.”

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2.- Tour: Reconnection.

Artist: Maria Jose

Day: Friday, May 27.

Place: Palenque de Gallos.

Time: 9 at night.

Ticket sales: Hotel Hyatt and Ticket1ONE.

The former member of the Kabah group, in her role as a soloist, will arrive with a tour of the songs with which she achieved fame, and her new song “I stay here below.”

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3.- Tour: The horses were released.

Group: Bronco

Day: Saturday May 28.

Place: Open Air Theater of Tabasco Park.

Time: 9 at night.

Ticket sales: Hotel Hyatt and Veratickets.

The musician Lupe Esparza will present his sons José and René to the people of Tabasco during the show, as well as presenting his new album “Bienvenida la vida”.

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4.- Musical Charm

Day: Sunday June 5.

Place: Esperanza Iris Theater.

Hours: 1 and 4 pm.

Ticket sales: At the box office and Deboletomx.

In the theater you will enjoy the adventures of a young Colombian woman who may be the last hope for her family, she discovers that magic is enchanting.

5 10

5.- Conference: For the pleasure of living my reunion with you.

Motivator: Cesar Lozano.

Day: Thursday June 9.

Place: Esperanza Iris Theater.

The renowned motivator known for his “thug phrases”, will arrive again in Tabasco lands to brighten the hearts of many people.

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6.- Show: I feel like your life.

Artists: Susana Zabaleta, Francisco Céspedes and Raúl Diblassio.

Day: Friday June 17.

Place: Convention Center.

Time: 9 at night.

Ticket sales: Hotel Hyatt and Ticket1ONE.

Three important singers will make you spend an unforgettable evening. In which you will not only hear spectacular performances, you will also have fun with their anecdotes.

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7.- Tour: Divine Island.

Artist: Gloria Trevi.

Day: Saturday June 25.

Place: Palenque de Gallos.

The singer from Monterrey will return to the capital of Tabasco with a tour of the most emblematic songs of her career, and will present her album “Isla Divina”.

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8.- Tour: Sea and land.

Artist: Santa Fe Klan.

Day: Friday, July 15.

Place: Open Air Theater of Tabasco Park.

Time: 8:30 at night.

Ticket sales:

The rapper will arrive with the tour that is being presented successfully in Mexico and abroad, within which he has been promoting his new single “Dios y la muerte”.

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9.- Tour: Here I am.

Artist: Lupita D’alessio

Day: Saturday July 30.

Place: Palenque de Gallos.

Time: 9 at night.

Ticket sales: Hotel Quinta Eden and Deboletomx.

The tour, with which the singer travels to different cities in Mexico and which will begin on September 2 in the United States, will arrive in Villahermosa at the end of July.

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Confirmed concerts in Villahermosa

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