Concerts, international circuses and festivals: Municipality of Guatemala will charge organizers a fee for agents to regulate traffic

The Municipality of Guatemala issued this Friday, October 7, the Agreement COM – 27 2022 that establishes the payment of a compensatory rate By service extraordinary Y specific for activities that impact traffic conditions.

The agreement details that individuals or legal entities that have the authorizations of the competent authorities to hold events must pay a feecompensatory” for the mitigation of the negative effects that they cause in traffic.

Details that the mitigation includes the service temporary, extraordinary and specific to agents of the Municipal Traffic Police (PMT) who will coordinate the vehicle passage in the area affected by event, of character public either private.

Among the events it defines are: concertsshows pyrotechnics or circuses international Y festivals.

The organizers of the events will have to request the Municipality service agents of Transit and must present the management before the Management of Emeter.

In addition, they must present the approvals and permits issued by the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred) and of the Health Area Directorate from Central Guatemala Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistancewhich extends the biosafety protocol or the no objection for the event to take place.

It is also necessary to present a license issued by the Direction of Public Shows of the General Directorate of the Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

In addition, they must prepare a notarial certificate stating that the Municipality Already Emetra for any type of responsibility during the course of the event.

Recommends that the organizers provide parking options for the attendees and what do I know minimize impact on public roads.

Agent Service Cost

The Municipality indicates that the Emetra Management will be the entity that will approve the rate calculation compensation presented by the Directorate of the Municipal Traffic Police, according to the number of agents and the hours needed to mitigate the impact of the activity.

“Extraordinary and specific cost that includes the human resource to be used and, for its calculation, the value of Q310 per agent hour. Said variant may be adjusted in accordance with the salary improvements of the agents of the Municipal Traffic Police and inflation”, details the agreement.

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It will be the Directorate of the PMT that will determine the number of agents that will be required and the hours the service will be provided.

It also indicates that event organizers that require specific services to ensure the movement and mobility of artists will have to pay a Q5 thousand.

In addition, in the cases of establishments open to the public and others that cause an impact on traffic, they may request permanent and exclusive service of PMT agents, whose cost will be Q8 thousand by agent a month. The service will be provided Monday to Friday and may not exceed 8 hours per day each.

If agents are required for weekends and holidays, the cost increases 50%.


The article points out that a judge of Municipal Affairs may impose an administrative fine on individuals or legal entities that carry out events without the support authorization of Emeter.

will also be penalized owner, tenant either usufructuary of the property in which the event is held without authorization.

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Fines may be up to Q500 thousandas detailed.

Charities and activities organized by state institutions are exempt from paying these services.

The agreement becomes effective eight days after its publication.

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Concerts, international circuses and festivals: Municipality of Guatemala will charge organizers a fee for agents to regulate traffic

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