Concerts in Guadalajara: Back to nostalgia!

Next Saturday, February 4, sharp at 9:00 p.m., the Auditorium Telmex will put on long tablecloths to receive again the artists that make up the 2000’s Pop Toura concert that represents for the fans a true party of greatest hits, with some of the idols of the millennial generation.

On this occasion celebrities will arrive on stage, such as: Paty Cantú, Motel, Kudai, Yahir, Nikki Clan and María León; In addition, she will be integrated, as a stellar guest, Belinda; although a “surprise” artist is not ruled out either.

In interview with THE REPORTER, Nikki Clan guitarist José Dabdoubshares that “last year was the first time we played in 12 years, and if you leave these concerts convinced to continue, because we play with friends and colleagues. Also, every 2000’s Pop Tour is different, there are changes in the members or the songs or the collaborations”.

For his part, Angel Yaneza member of the band, points out that “after so long without playing one thinks that people are not obliged to remember you, but we specifically have been received in an impressive way, it has been incredible; and on top of that we play with a lot of very talented artists who give us the opportunity to share the stage with them. We are very grateful, and we have had successful songs, people expected us. And that we continue working on the music, only out of the public eye.

According to Yáñez, the fact that the show works well stems from “the respect and admiration that we feel for each other; As a musician, when you see the performance of some of your colleagues, you’re left shocked, due to the capacity and talent they display, they all sing incredible and that’s when you realize why they are the figures they are, and how they captivate the audience. public”.

With the Guadalajara public

However, Maria Leon joins the cast and, she says, “I am excited and very curious; this tour already pulls, works and is integrated, but This meeting has been great with colleagues I haven’t seen in years, the experience has been nostalgic and I sing songs that I composed with Playa Limbo, and they invited me to share all this from the stage, for that I feel honored. And the songs, moreover, were made with a lot of love, for the public from Guadalajara, they were played in Guadalajara for the first time and they are dedicated to people from here. I feel pampered and I know that it will be like that on stage”.

From this joint work, León affirms that “collaborations stand out, because now we have the opportunity to share the stage with artists we hear on the radio; it means the possibility of singing alongside artists who, now, can be ‘seen’ and we can be with them. It’s incredible, because we also have the musical direction and a band of women, something that –I feel– has a different punch, a different sensitivity when playing; and it must be highlighted”.

Likewise, being in front of the public from Guadalajara is special for the singer, “because I owe everything to my city, whenever I return my commitment is huge, because it was even before Playa Limbo that I had the support, nothing is better than knowing that they trust you and when I go on stage I always feel very accompanied, because now they are my friends, and my idols too, so we can remember what it was like to start and have illusions”.

organic and real music

For his part, the singer Yahir assures this publishing house that, like everyone else, He is “excited and with the nostalgia of sharing a forum with friends I’ve known for a long time, with whom we share dreams and now, in this project, the concert has that longing, the music of that time had a lot of organic and real things: pianos, strings, distortions, great production. Every time we have these concerts I enjoy them enormously, the setlist and the incredible production work that sets up a fantastic stage; when you work with that professionalism and camaraderie, with all the new guests, the show is a treat from start to finish”.

Regarding the new versions for songs that fans remember, the result of rehearsal sessions and exchange of opinions between artists, Yahir emphasizes that “especially in acoustic versions, which have a special feeling, and when we sing in front of large audiences and you play these versions’little’ the atmosphere is more intimate because of the piano and the acoustic guitars, I feel that this creates a magic that I really like, and that the public will enjoy”.

schedule it

2000’s Pop Tour

  • Date: Saturday February 4, 2023, 9:00 p.m.
  • Campus: Telmex Auditorium (Workers of Cananea 747, Belenes Norte, Zapopan).
  • Artists: Paty Cantú, Motel, Kudai, María León, Nikki Clan and Yahir.
  • Special guest: Belinda.



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Concerts in Guadalajara: Back to nostalgia!

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