Concerts in Alicante: Sidonie, Sidecars, Depedro, Cheti and Leviatán

After the great musical opening of the Ocean Race last Saturday with Viva Suecia and Second, this weekend we have another two groups of the best of our current scene such as sidecars Y Sidonie that will be on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. in the port of Alicante.


Sidecar is a group that has been on a totally upward trajectory since its inception thanks to its effort, perseverance, heart and above all great works such as Background noise either Against the Ropes. Now they have a new album where, defying adversity, they have called it Thirteen. The other trio at the gala is Sidonie, having left their mark on records like The fire either Sierra and Canada with whom they toured for two years, they still have the same attractiveness and originality from then, surprising each new album they release as they did a few months ago with Abba’s Return where they recovered the essence of their origins.


And the singer from Elche Cheti He will be today (8:30 p.m.) at the Ocean Race. Cheti is becoming the new musical phenomenon on Spotify since with his latest song There is no summer without a kiss It already has 30 million views.

Depedro in acoustic

Depedro will perform on Saturday (8:30 p.m.) at the Teatre Arniches in Alicante in an acoustic format, backed by his inseparable guitar and his deep voice seasoned on stages on five continents.

At the concert he will perform songs from his last two albums, the studio one Máquina de piedad and the live one Before Night Falls. Songs that are inspired by rhythms of Latin American, African, American, Mediterranean and cross-border roots. His melodies pick up echoes from other cultures and his lyrics reflect universal human experiences that unite us as opposed to the borders that separate us.

Depedro performs at the Teatre Arniches. INFORMATION

His records have been published in more than 30 countries and his collaborations with musicians from different languages ​​and cultures are one of the artist’s hallmarks.

Leviathan celebrates 35 years of its creation

the alicantinos Leviathan They celebrate the 35th anniversary of its foundation and commemorate it this Saturday in the Babel room with invited artists and former members of the band, as well as sharing the stage with the Valencian Sagrat.

It will be a very special night, as the current formation of Leviatán will be joined as guest artists Alfonso Pena (Steel-Stanbrook), Maria Moes (Moes Band), Aitor Navarro (Hitten), John Negrete (Salvador Domínguez), as well as some ex-members of Leviatán who passed through their ranks as Kiko Mora, Moncho Pujol and Tinito Congost. The bill includes the Valencian Sagrat, a veteran band made up of several former members of Zarpa -such as the guitarist Serafín Mendoza-, who will present their work Legado Sagrado.

Leviathan was formed in 1987 with Kiko Mora (voice and keyboards), Emilio Modino (guitar), the brothers Txus Alaminos (guitar) and Patxi Alaminos (bass) and Moncho Pujol (drums), the year in which they made their debut at the Alicante bullring at parties August at the festival «Heavy is not violence». “From there we began to open for the national bands that came through Levante such as Barón Rojo, Sangre Azul, Extremoduro, Ñu…”, recalls Emilio. Despite their activity at that time, the group only recorded one single as they were the winners of the 1991 rock circuit, which included the songs Lolita and El fugitivo.


The group ceased its activity around 93-94 and resumed it in 2014 and since then they have released three albums, the last of which is Katharsis, which is the one they are presenting in recent concerts. The previous albums are Leviatán from 2014 and Todo sigue igual from 2017, where they collect some of the usual songs that could never be recorded in their day, «since in the 90s going to a studio was excessively expensive, unless you had a camera behind you. record company, and in those years, unless you were in Madrid or Valencia, in this Levantine area, the support of companies was practically nil, and more so for heavy metal”, emphasizes Emilio Modino

The group’s guitarist explains that «during those years we worked based on demos recorded on eight tracks that were distributed through small stores like UFO or Discos Merlin. Curiously, these models reached different parts of Spain with news of them in Madrid, in the north in Andalusia, and even in South America ».

«With the opening of the Facebook page, back in 2012, many fans began to encourage us to return and do a tribute concert to that time, which we carried out in 2013 in Las Cigarreras together with Acero and Bronka at the Meta Alacant festival. . From then on, and since the repertoire was assembled, we decided to continue immersing ourselves in recording new songs until today that we are still active, “adds Emilio.

In 2017 they played the Legends of Rock Villena festival, among other events. During the latter they have been presenting the album Katharsis in Madrid Murcia Alicante Almería, Castellón, and in March they will go to Valencia with Sagrat.

Victoria Lerma with band

Victoria Lerma will be in Euterpe. INFORMATION

The Euterpe room, in San Joan, begins the concerts of the new year with a prestigious singer-songwriter such as the Mallorcan victoria lerma , who will be in said room on Friday at 10 p.m. to present, together with his band, his recent work At high speed. A very appropriate title for the development of her career since this is her fourth album in which, as in the others, Victoria makes a journey into the interior of the human being with a healing vocation through her lyrics. Lerma does not hesitate to bare her soul to name the doubts that arise and thereby unleash an avalanche of feelings with such beauty and truth that we believe that this young Spanish voice is destined to be one of the great singer-songwriters in the coming years. months and her name, Victoria, is the best omen.

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Concerts in Alicante: Sidonie, Sidecars, Depedro, Cheti and Leviatán

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