Concerts A Coruña 2023: Check the city’s musical agenda

Year 2023 starts in A Coruña with several great concerts already confirmed in the cultural agenda of the city. The music of Joaquín Sabina, Pablo López, Hombres G and Pablo Alborán will sound live for the A Coruña public in the coming months, and these important artists are not the only protagonists within the programming of cconcerts in A Coruña for this year. Amen to the festivals that will go shelling their bets, through the city they will also pass, musicalstribute bands and other proposals of various genres that will complete the range of styles that will reach the theaters, auditoriums and halls of A Coruña, so below we have collected, arranged in chronological order, some of the dates that you must indicate in your concert calendar for 2023 in A Coruña:


The quarry of music with capital letters opens the musical curtain this month in A Coruña. The children’s choir and the youth choir of the Galician Symphony Orchestra (OSG) They will offer a concert at the Colón theater on the 22nd at 7:00 p.m. with a varied, classical repertoire, under the direction of José Luis Vázquez López and Daniel G.Artés.


Bullet is one of the outstanding groups on the musical agenda for the month of February in A Coruña, with a concert at the Playa Club on the 25th. This Galician group arrives in the city as part of the tour of their album Maleza.


The month in which we will welcome spring blossoms, from the point of view of the musical agenda, with the concerts of Gilberto de la Rosa at the Coliseum and Brothers in Band in Pelicano, both on March 4, and the tours of pixieswhich will play on the 11th, and Salvador Sobral, who will perform on the 24th. Also on the 25th is scheduled the musical I went to GBS.


rufus wainwright is the prominent proper name in the concert program in A Coruña for the month of April. It will be on the 14th at the Teatro Colón.


Love of Lesbian, Pablo López and Luz Casal are among the prominent names on the concert schedule in A Coruña for the month of May. The indie-rock group made up of Santi Balmes, Jordi Roig, Joan Ramón Planell and Oriol Bonet will perform in the city on the 13th. paul lopez will go on stage at the Coliseum on May 20 and just a week later it will be casal light the one that will take center stage to close, with all the tickets sold since the beginning of the year, the musical agenda of A Coruña in this month of May.


The month that marks the beginning of the summer will come stomping in terms of musical offerings. the concerts of Joaquin Sabinascheduled for June 2 and 4 –also with tickets already sold out since it went on sale– and those of Manuel Carrasco (on the 10th), tini on the 24th or morat on the 29th they will undoubtedly place the city at the epicenter of the most outstanding musical offer for these dates.


Summer will say goodbye to the city with a concert by Pablo Alboran on September 30 at the Coliseum and to kick off autumn with force, in November, they will stop at the Coliseum men g.

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Concerts A Coruña 2023: Check the city’s musical agenda

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