Concert – Two Cantaliennes at the Stade de France, in the biggest rock band in the world

Their father “only talks about that anymore”, the two sisters have fun. It was he, the cabrette, trombone and diatonic accordion player, who transmitted the taste for music to his daughters, Mira and Flore Cassan. And it is surely him, too, who will be their biggest groupie, when on Saturday evening, he will take his place in the bays of the Stade de France.

Both metal fans, Mira and Flore grew up near Aurillac (Cantal), in Arpajon-sur-Cère. Life separated them, since Mira works in Lyon and Flore studies in Rennes. But the love of rock will bring this family from Cantal together on stage, for the Rockin’1000 concert, a group of a thousand amateur musicians revisiting the classics of the genre.

Black glasses

“My big sister came to see me in 2019,” says Flore Cassan. At 23, the singer already has a participation on the counter… as well as a selfie with the dark glasses of rock-critic Philippe Manoeuvre, sponsor of the event. “I saw how much he liked it,” she continues. I pushed her to send videos… And it worked. »

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NL 55

A Cantalienne facing 55,000 spectators at the Stade de France for Rockin’ 1000, June 29

From the first try, Mira Cassan in turn hit the ears of the casters. Thanks to “a cover of the group Imagine Dragons”, specifies the eldest, aged 32. “As a child, I played the piano for ten years. I also did dance, theater… So I have some experience. But on such a big stage, never, since it’s impossible! »

Make Daddy Pogo

Because Rockin’1000 is quite simply the biggest band in the world. During his first visit to the country, in 2019, four sections shared the Stade de France: guitars, basses, drums and voices. This year, for its big comeback after two cancellations due to Covid, the keyboards are coming. As for Flore, she will keep her microphone, and will sing with Mira. Side by side. “To be certain of being together, we purposely asked for the BVs”: a sub-section of voices, called backing vocals, which accompanies that of the leads, in order to orchestrate a whole range of vocal harmonies. “As we have the same tessitura, we will be among the BV1”, detail the sisters. Between mezzos and sopranos.

Musicians and singers from Issoire (Puy-de-Dôme) on the Rockin’1.000 stage at the Stade de France

Mira and Flore have already revised their ranges on a mobile app, created especially for the Rockin’1000. Then three days before the show, they will perform long rehearsals on stage, under live conditions. “Intense days,” says Flore. From 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. The Cantaliennes should in particular take over a title of Trust. A sacred group, in the family. What wouldn’t we do to make dad pogo…

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Concert – Two Cantaliennes at the Stade de France, in the biggest rock band in the world

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