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The concerts organized for this summer 2022 thanks to “Ana Rosa Murillo” a show company that according to the Councilor for Celebrations in charge of the presentation, «who have managed the concerts for us as well as their production».

Summer concert schedule

The councilor has reported that after two years of the pandemic, with the return to normality, “as an institution, we must offer a complete program of celebrations, a program for all audiences, with affordable prices and for all musical tastes.”

«Thus, the objective of the Department of Celebrations is that music and color fill our main spaces, such as the Doctor Fleming Park for the Summer Carnival, and the Multifunctional Auditorium (Plaza de Toros) for the patron saint festivities, with groups of national relevance, pop-rock, remember parties, sevillanas, and alternative pop, with each group’s very own styles and with humor» explains the councillor.

The mayor clarifies that they are presented so far in advance “since some of them have already announced the inclusion of Miguelturra in their respective tours and thus those interested can already buy their tickets”

Free and outdoor concerts

Thus, on Saturday June 18, coinciding with the “Summer Carnival”, Ladilla Rusa will perform, with his album “Costumbrismo Mágico”. It will be from 11:00 p.m., in the Doctor Fleming Park, totally free and outdoors. “His two great verbena anthems of his,” Macaulay Culkin “and” KITT and the cars of the past “, will sound in Miguelturra, and later, we will have Santi Tena DJ” added Rodríguez.

On the occasion of the patron saint festivities we will have three main performances: Thursday, September 8, the day of the Virgen de Estrella, around 11:00 p.m., «The Gafa Pasta», a totally free concert, which will take us on a walk through the history of Spanish music of the 80s.

On Friday, September 9, at 10:30 p.m., in the Multifunctional Auditorium (Plaza de Toros), the performance of «Ecos del Rocío» will take place with its tour for the «Recuerdo Despedida 2022´. Ticket sales in Miguelturra will be at: Casa de Cultura, Fegopán Bakery, Asador Jani Restaurant and Las Tejas Restaurant. The price is €5. They can also be purchased on the platform

Programming of the patron saint festivities will be announced

Y to finish, on Saturday, September 10, starting at 10:00 p.m., a “Remember Festival” for the first time in Miguelturra, also in the Multifunctional Auditorium with performances by Dj Marta, Raul Ortíz, Cesar Almena and Oscar Morillo. Ticket sales, also at 5 euros, will be in the same places as for the Ecos del Rocío concert and on the same online platform.

Finally, the councilor explained that later on they will announce in more detail the programming of the patron saint festivities and thanked the professionalism of the entertainment company that organizes the concerts, “since music and culture return, which we love so much They have helped in the pandemic.”

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Concert schedule for this summer 2022 in Miguelturra – Diario de Castilla-la Mancha

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