“Communicate in the language we think is the most honest” | Catalan Vic Mirallas presents Crucidramas at Quilmes Rock (4/30) and Niceto Club (5/4)

Vic Mirallas he is a versatile artist, almost unclassifiable. His musical tolerance led him to become a saxophonist and backing vocalist in the band Alejandro Sanzbut also to to invite CA7RIEL to collaborate in You don’t love me, from his second solo studio album. And in addition to the man from Madrid and the Argentine there is the Colombian Camilowith whom you shared the topic beats better as well as his training in Berklee College, where he was told to stop singing in English and start singing in Spanish because it suited him better; despite the fact that his mother tongue is Catalan.

It seems that the only thing Vic Mirallas says no to is reggaeton. When he refers to the Puerto Rican gender, he does so with grimace. “There is something that blocks me,” he acknowledges her on the phone, from his native Barcelona. “I guess it’s because of the bass drum sounds…” It’s just that while here and so (2017), his first album, tackled a lot of pop variants, now the sequel, crosswords (2021), gets involved with urban music, R&B, jazz and Latin rhythms. Nevertheless, the work that best defines it is Direct on Apollo (2022), recorded live in the legendary Barcelona venue.

“Looking at it from a commercial point of view, what i do is very different. Just like my songs, which don’t resemble each other,” Vic describes. “I drank from different music, and in the end that gave me versatility. Depending on what theme, I imagine what voice. That’s why I throw myself into blindly proposing collaborations.”

–How did you meet CA7RIEL?

–We are both friends of Big Menu (the band that accompanied Nathy Peluso in her revelation to the world) and through them we met at the first show he gave in Barcelona. I listened to your album free, and I loved it. It seemed to me that we should do something together. I saw that he was following me on Instagram and I sent him the theme of one. She told me yes, and communication was very easy. He’s a great musician, I admire him a lot.

You don’t love me is projected as the singer-songwriter’s letter of introduction to the Argentine audience, since it will also help him his imminent debut in Buenos Aires: first in Quilmes Rock (4/30) Y then at Niceto Club (4/5). The landing will take place a few weeks after the Buenos Aires premiere of another of the sensational artists of the current Spanish music scene: the indie pop trio Cariño.

But for this brand new admirer of Nafta, Wos and Knowing Russia, the music that is cooked in his country transcends the indie and the urbanthe two movements that have more and better export marketing in the European nation at this time. “Although the rest stays under the stones”he laments.

–Isn’t that what is most consumed there?

–The industry and digital music platforms prefer urban, trap and indie pop, and they give little oxygen to artists who are proposing something different. I think the opposite happens in Argentina, that’s why the musical movement there seems interesting to me.

–If we add reality shows to that, it seems that the formula is closed.

–The competitions hurt the musicians who want to gain a foothold. They walk out of there having no idea what they want.

–The current yardstick for measuring soloists who come from Spain are Rosalía and C. Tangana…

–The C. Tangana thing is super interesting because it is based on urban music, and at the same time it looks for Spanish roots. It’s lucky that we have references from artists like that.

–And there are those who refer to you as “the new Spanish promise.” Does that weigh you down?

–Do not. Although I have been working for many years, the expectation of being a promise is a bit big for me. My music has a long journey. I am not going to bring up a topic that is a boom, or at least it is not my intention.

► The open doors of the Latin genre

Although he dresses like an urban musician and his sound proposal flirts with that universe of styles, the multi-instrumentalist bets on plurality. In that sense, his artistic profile coincides, at least locally, with that of Juan Ingaramo. “I like to experiment without closing myself to any style”it states. “It’s what fills me. For me it’s a reward to release music, and that so many people listen to it. I’m happy with that.”

–Crucidramas is a definitive album or is your identity still under construction?

–It is the most concrete thing I have done in my life. She has also departed on a thematic level; It doesn’t talk about super happy feelings, but about my insecurities. I wrote it during the pandemic, while we were wondering things like what am I going to do with my life. At a musical stylistic level it is eclectic, but conceptually it is homogeneous.

–You released your first album while playing with Alejandro Sanz. What was the click?

–It was a parallel project to the work that fed me. When I made crosswords, I got the call from Warner Music. They gave me freedom to choose my styles and what I wanted to express. It was a dream that I thought I would never achieve, and it happened at the most uncertain time of confinement.

► Crossed tongues

Catalonia was always close. To the point that Love of Lesbian passed by here in February and, apart from Vic, Albert Pla and Dorian will soon arrive. It is also worth remembering that Rosalía had started the tour of The bad want at the local Lollapalooza in 2019.

However, one feature that unites them, apart from their origin, is that they all sing in Spanish. “There is a circuit of artists who sing in Catalan that goes more towards the festive (refers to the patron saint festivities) and it is always the same type of circuit”, Explain. “And it closed down a bit, unfortunately.”

–But you sang in English. What motivated that change?

–They told me that I expressed myself better in Spanish. It is a piece of advice that I give to people who sing in English: find a way to communicate in the language in which you think. It is more sincere, and it bears fruit.

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“Communicate in the language we think is the most honest” | Catalan Vic Mirallas presents Crucidramas at Quilmes Rock (4/30) and Niceto Club (5/4)

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