Claudia López took out her dance steps at the Karol G concert

The Movistar Arena in Bogotá witnessed one of the most anticipated concerts of the year. On the night of Saturday, May 21, the successful singer of the urban genre Karol G made more than 14,000 people sing and dance with her songs.

Among these spectators was the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia Lópezwho, taking advantage of the event, danced among the crowd and enjoyed the concert like the rest of the fans of La Bichota.

Those who were at the Movistar Arena together with López did not waste the opportunity to record the president and spread the video on social networks.

In the pictures Claudia López can be seen in a shirt and her iconic scarf. From her place, she is dancing animatedly to the song ´Bichota´. Due to the above, the mayor of the capital has gone viral and has aroused several comments of criticism, support and ridicule.

Several of the messages were: “The videos of Claudia López at the Karol G concert fixed me on Sunday”; “I may not be a fan of Claudia López, but the old woman gave her all yesterday at the Karol G concert”; “Even Claudia López enjoyed the Karol G concert”; “Saturday 10 pm, let the poor old woman enjoy herself, she also has the right to rest”; among others.

It should be noted that the concert featured other characters, including the Bogota singer Andrés Cepedawho arrived with a bouquet of flowers that he gave to the singer from Antioquia and with whom he performed the song ‘Día tras día’.

In the middle of his Show, The Bogota native expressed the affection he has for the artist by approaching and kissing her on the forehead, an event that was applauded by his fans.

In addition to his incredible presentation in the Colombian capital, La Bichota had a gesture with a follower of this citywhich was admired by all his followers.

Sebastián, as recorded on his social network Twitter, trilled some images of a conversation with his mother in which he expressed his desire to go to the artist’s concert, however, he had to choose between the Bichota Tours or his master’s degree at the Universidad Piloto, to which his mother tells him that “another time it will be.”

What the resigned did not expect is that the singer saw this emotional tweet and felt sorry for him and his mother, to whom he gave tickets.

“You chose super well. Everything has its time and its priority. How about Karol G seeing your tweet, and I gave you tickets for you and your friends and also your mom? I don’t know, I’m here thinking. Check your DM to see”, was the artist’s response.

Finally, the young man received tickets for the second date of the concert in Bogotá and shared with the entire Twitter community his mother’s reaction to such a surprise, to which more than 15,000 Internet users reacted.

Karol G: the demands of the singer for her concerts

The requests of the woman from Antioquia are not the same as those that would be made by a star of international stature, as she is at this moment. On the contrary, the singer of ´Tusa´ and ´Provenza´ seems not to forget her roots, her childhood in the city of Medellín, since His main request was various typical Colombian sweets.

The singer expressly requested that the traditional Quipitos and Bonbonbum, two very popular and beloved treats among young people, especially among Colombian children, could not be missing from her dressing room. He also asked for plenty of beverages to be available to allow him to stay hydrated while doing his Show in the capital of the country.

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Claudia López took out her dance steps at the Karol G concert

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