Christina Aguilera is working on two new albums in English and Spanish

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In June 2018, Christina Aguilera finally signed her big comeback with the aptly named “Liberation”, her first album in six years. A record with R&B influences led by the single “Accelerate” which, despite its qualities, failed to convince the general public. I’ve had tremendous commercial success in my career and I’m grateful for that, but I’m not chasing numbers. I seek sincerity and for me, my art speaks for itself, no matter how much noise there is around had analyzed the American star during a question-and-answer session with his fans to explain the failure of his eighth opus, preferring to focus on the positive aspects of his rediscovered passion for singing: It was very gratifying to be able to focus on the love I have for music and not on the superficiality of the machine or the silly commercial demands that are made of artists. I’ve said yes too many times in my career (…) The point of this album was to do things on my terms, not to follow a typical promotional cycle .

“Nothing will be announced for months”

Since then, Christina Aguilera has not chm! The singer with the golden voice went on a world tour, launched her own residence in Las Vegas, reunited with the group A Great Big World, with whom she sang the hit “Say Something” in 2013, on the unreleased “Fall On Me” and took part in the soundtrack of Disney’s new “Mulan” (2020) through the song “Loyal Brave True”. At the same time, the popstar has started drawing the outlines of her next album. New projects are in the pipeline… and an additional album is in the works she teased at the end of 2018, anxious not to break this bond found with the public.

Good news ! Slowed down by the pandemic and confinement, this objective is taking shape at high speed. In an interview granted Health Magazine of which she is on the cover, Christina Aguilera reveals that she is working on not one but two separate discs. Nothing will be announced for months. I’m working simultaneously on an album in English and on the sequel to my album in Spanish, 20 years late slips the interpreter of “Lady Marmalade”, which here refers to “Mi Reflejo” released in 2000 when she had just exploded with her first eponymous album. Containing several Spanish versions of her first hits, including “Genie in a Bottle”, which became “Genio Atrapado”, the disc won the Latin Grammy Award for “Best Female Pop Vocal Album”, allowing Christina Aguilera to be the first American artist to receive a Latin Grammy. It was estimated to have sold more than 3 million copies worldwide.

“I fell in love with music again”

In the studio, Christina Aguilera therefore puts double mouths to refine these next two albums. I am a perfectionist and I want to give the best of myself, especially with this phase of introspection that I started last year and the new perspectives that I have specifies the diva, who says to herself new inspire and connect with [elle-mme] : I fell in love with music again, which is not a light thing to say since I’ve spent my whole career in music. . We are now waiting for more information and the first extracts!

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Christina Aguilera is working on two new albums in English and Spanish

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