Chita, the leading voice of Argentine R&B who returns to Uruguay in search of revenge

The proposal of cheetah is one of the most surprising of the new Argentine scene. With R&B as a base, the artist born as Francisca Gil He knows how to move freely between reggaeton, trap, pop and even cumbia to propose a fresh and highly personal sound. It’s a path that began in 2018, when she released her debut EP, cheetaha collection of four songs —two in English and two in Spanish— where he made it clear that his work is as original as it is unclassifiable.

That work, which he composed between Buenos Aires Y London, where he lived for a time, immediately attracted attention. “I started composing it in London, where I had a band and was studying,” he recounts in a conversation with El País. “When I left, in Argentina there was not so much going on musically; but as soon as I found out that there was a new generation emerging I was like: ‘OK, bye. I come back'”.

The EP included songs like “Anything else”, a ballad built on a drum lead full of swing, which allowed the warm-voiced Argentine to earn a prominent place in the music scene on the neighboring shore. Confirmation came with the singles “It was not”, recorded with Ca7riel; “nothing more to talk”, a collaboration with Neo Pistea and 0-600; Y “Lie”, a catchy reggaeton that sneaked into a few Spotify playlists.

At the end of 2019, he came to Montevideo for the first time to be part of La Nueva Generación, the festival that brought artists such as Louta, Chinese Bandalos Y Ca7riel & Paco Amoroso. “That time it was like a touch and go”, he clarifies about that recital. “Now it’s going to be the revenge: we go with all the paraphernalia and with the complete show”, she adds about the recital that she is going to offer on April 29 at La Trastienda accompanied by drums, keyboards and bass. Tickets are sold at Abitab.

The artist born in 1996 will return to Montevideo to present a repertoire based on the EP cheetahthe disc Charm —from 2019, where elements of R&B were fused with restless trap hi-hats, rapped phrasing and neo-soul vibes—, and his most recent singles, such as “what it does to me” Y “I went to look for you”. It will be a night based on the constant dialogue of styles.

“I am a person who needs to try everything before marrying something,” he says. “Although I always knew that I am from the R&B family, which is a place where I move like a fish in water, since I was a girl I have listened to reggaeton and pop from the 2000s, and that is part of my sound.”

And while fusion is part of his trademark—his version of “Brave Heart”, by Gilda, proves it once again—, Chita tells El País that she is recording a “pure strain” R&B album. “I am making the album that I owe to myself and to my audience”, he comments on the work produced by Emme Y Benja Lopez Barrios. “I had that idea for a long time, but before that I needed to experiment with other things. Now I am collecting that debt.”

Before that, Chita will celebrate her reunion with the Uruguayan public. “I really want to go back because whenever I go, even if it’s just a visit, they receive me with great affection. I hope you like the show.”

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Chita, the leading voice of Argentine R&B who returns to Uruguay in search of revenge

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