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After two virtual editions, the 17th Chipo’Zik festival is returning to the Illberg campus, this Friday May 20 and Saturday May 21 from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. On the program: rock, pop and electro concerts and lots of good humor for the students, but not only… And it’s free!

Lots of concerts, but also… grilled sausages, beers (to be consumed in moderation, of course) or soft drinks (we’ll let you be the sole judge of your consumption) on a melting Illberg campus. Here is a quick summary – we grant you – of what awaits you this weekend of Friday 20 and Saturday 21 May from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., on the occasion of the Chipo’Zik festival. After two virtual editions due to the health crisis, the essential end-of-year university meeting returns for a 17th vintage awaited by all. Starting with the dozen mobilized organizers, a clever mix of newcomers, older students but also old ones, always present to roll up their sleeves and give life to this festival like no other.

7,000 spectators on both evenings

Catherine KohlerThe organizers are hoping for 7,000 spectators per evening.

“We can’t wait to be there, it’s a lot of work but also a lot of fun, summarize Adrien Sauvageot, the new president, and Thomas Niedermeier, graphic designer. Everything is ready and we will be about fifty volunteers mobilized for each of the two evenings, we are also still looking for volunteers, including for the assembly on Thursday and the dismantling on Sunday… “Like the last face-to-face edition of 2019, the organizers of this new vintage have decided to put the cover back on not one, but two evenings, with the stated ambition of welcoming 7,000 spectators each time. “The very wide musical program, which ranges from rock to pop via electro, but also the conviviality of the meeting means that we are addressing a very large audience, students obviously, but also many families, young and old alike, explain the organisers, who this year give full scope to musical discovery by programming “promising” bands from the Grand Est, to the detriment of big headliners. The festival now has a real notoriety and we are counting on the curiosity of the public…”

Rock, pop, electro…

The public will thus have the opportunity to listen to Friday, from 8 p.m., the pop of Adventurefollowed by the post-punk of Bladesthe Balkan folk ofMarching band attackthe rockers from Mulhouse – and students – from Smoke and Mirrorsthen Enaon B2B Jemenos, an electro duo from Hear who had won the DJ contest at Gambrinus, during one of the Chipo’nights given during the year. The next day, Saturday May 21, the concerts resume at the same time with a different set. We can listen to the garage rock of Deadly Shakes the festive songs of The Gargaroussethe electro swing of Lamuzgueulethe pop of Jeanne Tonicbefore the electro of Light X Knight.


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MostoAmong the groups on stage, the Mulhouse rockers of Smoke and Mirrors.

If the festival is deliberately joyful and unpretentious, it will not be without glitter, at the turn of a stand exclusively dedicated to makeovers. Still on the pit side, theassociation clay will be present to distill valuable advice and actions to raise awareness about addictions… All this just a few meters from the large central stage, installed on the Illberg campus, full of tables and chairs for resting and two bars conducive to encounter between two concerts, with an amber, organic and occasional “Chipo’Beer”, created by the micro-brewery G’Sundgo.

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Catherine Kohler – ArchivesStudent festival, Chipo’Zik brews wide in terms of audience.

And those reluctant to grilled sausages can be reassured, it will also be possible to eat tartes flambées. In short, as long as the weather is mild, it’s time for optimism and excitement on the side of the organizers of this festival which remains free. A singularity to highlight, at a time of soaring entrance fees for concerts and festivals. The budget for this 17th Chipo’Zik festival amounts to some 130,000 euros, with the contribution in particular ofUniversity of Haute-Alsace (UHA) and Crous but also of m2Aof Colmar Agglomeration and some City of Mulhouse.

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Chipo’Zik Festival: two evenings of celebration and music on the Illberg campus | M+, news from Mulhouse

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