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What is your role in the radio?

“I am responsible for the music and the artists on Sweetheart. I am the point of contact for record companies and labels. So I start the new titles on the radio. I also negotiate the arrival of artists during events and interviews. »

What listening process do you put in place when you have to select a new title?

“Once a week, I receive most of the press officers from record companies, I listen to new titles, I filter according to the radio format. Then, I propose what can potentially be suitable for radio to a listening committee. »

What are the technical constraints imposed to broadcast a title on the radio?

“The song should ideally not exceed 4 minutes. The file format must be uncompressed. There must be a good mix: we must hear all the instruments as well as the voice very clearly and distinctly. »

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Are we more likely to be broadcast by singing in French or in English?

“No, I don’t make a difference as to the language sung. The main thing is that the song is pleasant to listen to… Then there is what we call the French-speaking radio quotas which impose on us as many French-speaking titles per day but our selections for entry into playlists are not made according to these quotas. »

Do you have to pay attention to your vocabulary in the lyrics?

“Yes, we strive to broadcast music for as many listeners as possible and for that we have to be careful with the vocabulary used (although, oddly, the vulgar sung in English would sound better than the vulgar sung in French). »

Does a perfect song for the radio exist?

” Nope. A perfect song for the radio is a song that appeals to as many people as possible so, from the moment the criteria mentioned above are respected, I would say that today there is no/no longer a ” way of doing” to make a song perfect for the radio. »

I wrote a song, who do I send it to?

“First, you have to get it heard by as many people as possible around you… and ideally get it heard by people who don’t know you. Then if the returns are positive then send it to the radio programmers. With us, in this case, it’s me, so »

What’s going on right now on Chérie?

  • Benson Boone – Ghost Town
  • Pierre de Maere – One day I will marry an angel
  • Stromae – Solasitude
  • The Weeknd – Sacrifice
  • Clara Luciani – Forever Love

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Chérie explains how to pass a title on the radio – Marie Claire Belgium

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